Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love that Grandpa Ernie

Ryan and Calvin love their "Grampa Ownie" so much. Tonight Calvin was just cuddling with him for a while. He didn't want me or Christy, he just wanted to sit there and snuggle his Grandpa. It was sweet.

And Ryan had the time of his life last night when Grandpa invited him along to help get the newspapers printed. Seriously, this was probably the best night of his life for a few reasons.

#1--He got to ride in the front seat of Grandpa's truck. I was watching out the kitchen window when they left and the look on his face was absolutely priceless. He was just looking at all of the dials on the dashboard and it was like he was overwhelmed with complete joy.

#2--He got to go to the Daily Globe where the papers are printed and open the really really big garage door that was like 2 stories high. I told Dad that if Ryan ever got to even look at that garage door he would probably pee his pants. Needless to say, I made sure he had a pull-up on before he left. When Ryan told me all about it later, pretty much all he could say was "It was GIANT! It was like THIS BIG!!!!!!!! It was GIANT!"

#3--When Calvin and I joined them at the shop later to help out with a few things, I promised Ryan that if he would sit still and color on the big piece of butcher paper I gave him until he had drawn on the whole thing, front and back, I would give him a piece of candy from the candy drawer. But Grandpa one-upped me and said, "Ryan, what if I could do even better than a piece of candy? Would you want something even better?" Ryan's eyes got huge with the impossibility of getting something even better than a piece of candy, but he readily hopped in the car with Grandpa "to make a delivery" and the next thing I know, they are back with ice cream cones for Ryan and me. And Ryan got rainbow sherbet. When I asked him what color it was, he practically shouted, "IT'S GREEN...UH, ORANGE! AND PINK! UH...AND GREEN! IT'S GREEN AND ORANGE! AND PINK!" (etc., etc., shuffling through the colors in a jumble over and over again...yes, the pull-up was definitely a good idea).

So, thanks Grampa Ownie, for the best night of Ryan's life thus far. The boys really love you so much, and so do we!


Abbey said...

Ohh, that sounds like so much fun! :) I'm glad the boys had a fun night.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That's awesome. Good thing, having a Grandpa. :)