Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Easter was lovely, besides the fact that Calvin was throwing up all over the place. But Ryan made out like a bandit with a triple Easter--one at Grandpa's house, one at Great Grandma Moore's house, and an entire goody package from Grandma and Grandpa Walton. Seriously, he has sugar coursing through his veins. So, here are some Easter pictures for your enjoyment:

The boys cracking open some of the loot:

Ryan was oh so excited:

Calvin and Michael enjoying watching Ryan run around like a maniac:

I love this picture of Ryan and Benjamin. Who knew Fruitloops were so exciting?

The boys with Benjamin in his new suit--lookout MiaMaids!

The boys in their vests:

I like these two the best:

Ryan on the hunt for eggs. Look at that devilish gleam in his eyes. And poor Calvin, always a few steps behind on the egg hunt.

Janny with the animal eggs she helped hide for the boys:

And here are some other recent pictures:

Benjamin took Ryan outside to blow bubbles, and he had a blast!

He LOVES his trike from Grandpa, especially now that it's warm enough to ride outside:

And my personal favorite:


Amber said...

Those vests are pretty much the most handsome/cutest things I've ever seen. If we ever have boys, I'll have to call you and find out where you find cute boy clothes. Have a blast in Utah, yay for graduation!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Cute pics! I wish Katie could have been year for sure! And wow Benjamin looks good in his suit! I love the one with the magnifying glass.