Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometimes I yell at Ryan

Ryan was so grumpy with the popping of a balloon he had been playing with that he ended up in bed on a timeout.

After a little while I went up to lay by him and see how he was doing. After talking about why balloons pop, he eventually said, "Dad, a while ago, you yelled at me."

I didn't remember yelling at him, so I asked "When did I yell at you?".

Ryan : "A while ago"
Me : "When? Today?"
Ryan : "No, a while ago"
Me, trying to figure out when he was talking about : "Ok, what did yell at you about? What were you doing?"
Ryan, still with his sad voice : "I was on the sidewalk with mommy."
Me : "Oh, what did I yell."
Ryan : "You yelled 'BYE RYAN!'"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Easter was lovely, besides the fact that Calvin was throwing up all over the place. But Ryan made out like a bandit with a triple Easter--one at Grandpa's house, one at Great Grandma Moore's house, and an entire goody package from Grandma and Grandpa Walton. Seriously, he has sugar coursing through his veins. So, here are some Easter pictures for your enjoyment:

The boys cracking open some of the loot:

Ryan was oh so excited:

Calvin and Michael enjoying watching Ryan run around like a maniac:

I love this picture of Ryan and Benjamin. Who knew Fruitloops were so exciting?

The boys with Benjamin in his new suit--lookout MiaMaids!

The boys in their vests:

I like these two the best:

Ryan on the hunt for eggs. Look at that devilish gleam in his eyes. And poor Calvin, always a few steps behind on the egg hunt.

Janny with the animal eggs she helped hide for the boys:

And here are some other recent pictures:

Benjamin took Ryan outside to blow bubbles, and he had a blast!

He LOVES his trike from Grandpa, especially now that it's warm enough to ride outside:

And my personal favorite:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Magus, Fagus and Calvin, oh my!

So, those of you who have had the pleasure of speaking to Ryan for more than 5 consecutive minutes probably already know all about Magus and Fagus. But for those of you who haven't had the pleasure, let me give a brief explanation. About 6 months ago, Ryan decided that his beloved Cowie needed some parents. Mostly because Ryan liked to pretend to be Cowie's mom, but apparently felt like he should be assuming a whole new persona in order to make it as real as possible. So, Ryan started pretending to be "Magus". When he started telling me that he was Magus, I naturally asked who Magus was. He said, "She is Cowie's mom." Then we had to have a talk about why Ryan will never actually me a mom because he is a boy so he would get to be a dad. Disappointed but not deterred, Ryan made up "Fagus" (original--yes, we know) to be Cowie's dad. It took a while for Ryan to make the switch from playing Magus to playing Fagus, but eventually it happened, and now he is always playing Fagus. So, that's the story of Magus and Fagus.

Anyways, so the other day Ryan was playing Fagus again and I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about Magus and Fagus. It went a little something like this:

Me: So, Ryan, do Magus and Fagus look like Cowie, or do they look like people?
Ryan: Like Cowie.
Me: Are they Cowie-sized, or are they bigger?
Ryan: They are Cowie-sized. (thoughtful pause). They have wierd lookin' heads, but they are good lookin' heads. (another thoughtful pause, this time he moves the Magus and Fagus game into the first person). We have 3 dogs! Tucker and Lucy and Peter. Those are my three dogs! Oh my STAMP IT! (side splitting laughter from Ryan/Fagus).

Don't really know what to say about that.

So, Calvin took his first unaided steps today that didn't (immediately) end in him falling over. Hooray for Calvin! I seemed to notice just within the last few days that he is losing his baby face and getting his little boy face. I can't believe he will be 1 next week! I love these pictures of him and Christy:

Calvin loves to pretend to talk on the phone:

This was right after he woke up one morning. Check out the awesome hair:

Ryan is plum crazy. Christy, you are such a good sport!

And here is Calvin, feeding Christy a sock:

Just hanging out:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love that Grandpa Ernie

Ryan and Calvin love their "Grampa Ownie" so much. Tonight Calvin was just cuddling with him for a while. He didn't want me or Christy, he just wanted to sit there and snuggle his Grandpa. It was sweet.

And Ryan had the time of his life last night when Grandpa invited him along to help get the newspapers printed. Seriously, this was probably the best night of his life for a few reasons.

#1--He got to ride in the front seat of Grandpa's truck. I was watching out the kitchen window when they left and the look on his face was absolutely priceless. He was just looking at all of the dials on the dashboard and it was like he was overwhelmed with complete joy.

#2--He got to go to the Daily Globe where the papers are printed and open the really really big garage door that was like 2 stories high. I told Dad that if Ryan ever got to even look at that garage door he would probably pee his pants. Needless to say, I made sure he had a pull-up on before he left. When Ryan told me all about it later, pretty much all he could say was "It was GIANT! It was like THIS BIG!!!!!!!! It was GIANT!"

#3--When Calvin and I joined them at the shop later to help out with a few things, I promised Ryan that if he would sit still and color on the big piece of butcher paper I gave him until he had drawn on the whole thing, front and back, I would give him a piece of candy from the candy drawer. But Grandpa one-upped me and said, "Ryan, what if I could do even better than a piece of candy? Would you want something even better?" Ryan's eyes got huge with the impossibility of getting something even better than a piece of candy, but he readily hopped in the car with Grandpa "to make a delivery" and the next thing I know, they are back with ice cream cones for Ryan and me. And Ryan got rainbow sherbet. When I asked him what color it was, he practically shouted, "IT'S GREEN...UH, ORANGE! AND PINK! UH...AND GREEN! IT'S GREEN AND ORANGE! AND PINK!" (etc., etc., shuffling through the colors in a jumble over and over again...yes, the pull-up was definitely a good idea).

So, thanks Grampa Ownie, for the best night of Ryan's life thus far. The boys really love you so much, and so do we!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am an 80s magician

I was blowing on one of Calvin's new snap beads and making it whistle and Caroline says...

"You are like, an 80s magician. Seriously, those guys are hot"

I don't even know what to say about that!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Land of the Llama!

So, tonight, via webcam, my brother in law James opened his mission call! Ok, so Michael's dad actually opened it, but James was the first to read it. Anyways, James is headed (back) to Peru! Congratulations, Jamesie wamesie! For those of you who don't know, James spent his junior year of high school as an exchange student in Ariquepa, Peru. He will be serving in the Lima North mission and leaves on July 8th. We are thrilled for you, James!


Ryan: "Mommy, fortunately I want a hug."

Me (laughing): "I love you."

Ryan: "Fortunately I love you, too."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The talkin'-est darn thing you ever saw.

So, I am pretty sure from the title that you all think I am going to be talking about Ryan. But you'd be wrong!

For months I have been wondering whether or not Calvin has been saying real words. I declared him a genius baby when he babbled something that loosely resembled "egret" while looking through a bird calendar in December, but alas, that was short lived. Although that may just be due to the fact that he doesn't get a lot of chances to identify egrets, right? Anyways, his more recent baby babbel vocab list includes sounds like "Ma ma", "Da da", "duck", "doggie", "quack", "moo" "hello" and "No no", but he doesn't actually use them for the right things most of the time.

Today, however, I have declared it official. Calvin has now said his first word. So, Calvin was upstairs napping while Ryan was building a car bedroom. What, you may ask, is a car bedroom? I'll show you.

Ryan lines up cars in a half circle around him and calls it his bedroom and gets really upset when any of the cars get moved. Pretty awesome!

So, Calvin woke up and I got him and brought him downstairs. We got into the living room and he looked at what Ryan was doing. He got a big, goobery smile on his face, pointed to the cars and said "car!"

Yay for Calvin! Although, I'm not suprised that car was his firs word. In our aparment in Provo, his favorite activity besides drooling was standing up on the couch and looking out the window at the cars driving by. Every time one went by, I would point and say "car!" Seriously, he could do that for as long as I was willing to hold him there and he would be completely enthralled.

Anyways, here are some commermorative pictures of Calvin with his cars this morning:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No owls, blood.

So, I think the blog here is overdue for some good Ryan stories. Rest assured, they have been happening. I just haven't been very good at posting them. So here are a couple of recent ones.

Calvin was playing with some kind of toy racket and hit Ryan on the hand with it. Ryan ran up to me with a distraught look on his face and said "Ow! Mom! Calvin HIT me!" So, I looked at his hand and it wasn't even red anywhere, so I said, "Well, Ryan, I think the rule is 'No blood, no foul.'" So Ryan pondered that for a moment and then hurried back over to Calvin, furrowed his brow as best he could, and said in a stern voice, "Ok, Calvin. No owls, blood."

Another good one happened when we were in Minneapolis at my sister Kelly's house last week. I had put Ryan into bed on a couch in the basement and he was still not asleep about an hour later. So, I went down to find out what the hold up was. When I got down there, Ryan put on his best sweet-but-obviously-trying-to-be-manipulative face and said, "Sometimes I need a snuggle and I need attention. Like when I'm crying and I need attention from other people." At this point, I was laughing and looking around for a pen and paper to write it down, so I went across the room to grab one. Then Ryan started calling after me, "Mom? Mo--om. I love you. Do you love me? Just come here one second, ok?"

Now occasionally at bedtime when he is throwing a fit because he doesn't want to be in bed, I'll hear him yelling at the top of his lungs, "I NEED ATTENTION FROM MY MOM!"

Anyways, things have been going really well for us around here. Michael has had a couple of job interviews that he felt went really well, so we should be hearing back about those within the next week or so. Michael started running with me on Saturday and we did 5 miles. Well, probably more like 4 of it was running, but it was still good. It's embarassing running with Michael--it makes me realize just how short my legs really are. When I jog, he keeps pace with me by just strolling along. But it was nice to be outside together when it was so nice and sunny.

Oh, and I went visiting teaching in our branch here for the first time. It was a good experience, but I just wanted to say to all of you in Utah--enjoy the ward boundaries while you can! I am assigned to visit 5 sisters. I visited 2 of them on Friday. I left the house at 9:30 and didn't get home until 4:30. Ah, the good old days when they were a block away.

Well, here are some pics we took today with the camera from my laptop. I know we have more recent pictures somewhere, but I don't know where. So they will have to wait!