Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Today it certainly felt like spring here in Ironwood. It was 61 degrees at one point--it was SO nice. So, Ryan got to try out his new cow rain boots (thank you Sherry and Janet!) and I took the boys for a walk. I decided to go down to the cemetery and take them to Carla and Adeline's grave.

It was really a beautiful day, and I had a nice talk with Ryan about how exciting it is that because Jesus died for us, we will get to see our family members again after they die. Sometimes it really surprises me how much he understands. I think he got most of it. Then I tried to tell him the difference between our bodies and our spirits, and I think that's where he started getting lost. He seemed to be soaking it all in and then he ran up to a big puddle and jumped in it and said, "Look! This puddle is my body!" So, maybe we'll revisit that one later. Since he never got to meet Carla and Adeline, I think they are a pretty abstract concept to him, but he really got excited when I told them that someday he will be able to see Papa again. He really really loves and misses Papa.

Anyways, it was a really nice walk and it was so nice to be out in the sunny weather. Here is a picture of the boys on our walk:

Ok, I know what you are thinking. I said it was in the 60s and there is still snow on the gound and the boys are still in their winter coats. That's springtime in Ironwood for ya! It was actually only 50 degrees this morning when we went for our walk and the boys have runny noses and coughs, so I didn't want to risk going coatless. But they still had a great time.

And I know you have all been dying to see more pictures of our vacation, so here are some of us at the Animal Kingdom:

Calvin and Michael in front of the big tree:

Ryan and Michael on the Kali River Rapids ride (which Ryan LOVED and insisted that I take him on it again later):

Calvin and myself on our jungle safari:

Ryan with some white Rhinos:

Ryan and myself goofing off at the bird show:

Ryan and Calvin joining in with the street band:


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Nice visit with Ryan & Calvin. That's quite a walk with two little guys!

And great pics! I'm DYING to see more! (seriously)

Ryan and Michelle said...

We miss you guys! It looks like you are having fun!