Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, lately we have been back and forth to Minneapolis in hopes of finding a job for Michael. So far, he's had a couple of interviews but no offers yet. But, we have had a lot of fun hanging out with Ken and Kelly and their kids while they so graciously let us stay in their basement every time we come (you guys are the best!). We also got to go visit AnnaMarie, Tyler and Katie in Milwaukee, so that was fun. Except that Calvin got Katie pretty sick. But besides that, it was a blast.

So, while we were in Eagan with Ken and Kelly, I discovered something that I never understood at all before. I borrowed Kelly's double jogging stroller to get out of the house for a while with the boys and I discovered the magic of running. I hate running. And I never understood why anyone would ever willingly do it. But then I realized it's really just about relaxing and clearing your head and being unconfined. It was soooooo nice. So now I borrowed the stroller and am hooked. Let's hope it lasts!

So, here are some recent pics of our family:

Calvin discovered that he loves taking baths in Grandpa's kitchen sink. He seriously had the time of his little life in there.

Here are the boys with Michael's cousin Sam. Boy, did Calvin LOVE him. He was all smiles. And Ryan took one look at his lip ring (that he could spin around from the inside of his mouth) and said, "Hey Mom, maybe when I'm big I can get one of THOSE!" Anyways, it was great to see Sam. We love that guy!

I just love Christy. I don't know anyone with a better excited face. She had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago and was showing me the doorhanger things she made at her last birthday party (that was like 4 years ago).

Here is Calvin taking a nap in Katie's crib. This is what happens when the boys share a room--Ryan entertains Calvin who sits or stands up and laughs at the top of his lungs until he passes right out. You can't really see from this angle, but he was just sitting up sleeping with his head against the crib slats. Funny boys!

I guess Katie ties Christy for good excited faces. I love Katie's crazy hair. She is such a doll.

And here she is giving Calvin some hugs. She is really good with Calvin, you can just tell that she loves him. She will make a great big sister!

And now, what you've all been waiting for--THE LAST INSTALLMENT OF DISNEY PICTURES!

Here is Ryan by one of the pig port hole windows on the boat:

And here is Calvin by one of the little port holes in our room. These things were great! You can close that little door and seal them shut and the kids sleep in until record times! SOOOOO nice. Wish I still had those around.

Ryan and me at dinner at the Animator's Palatte
restraunt on the boat. It was cool, the room starts out in black and white and during dinner it turns to full color.

I just thought this was an awesome Calvin face:

Every time I see Calvin's eyes outside in the sunlight, I always always try to get a picture that really captures what color they are, but it never works. But I still thought this was a cute picture anyways:

At the fireworks at sea party on the boat, Ryan walked around like this for a while with Calvin on his shoulders. Ryan loved it. Calvin, not so much.

Here is Calvin on Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. He wasn't feeling well at all that day, but he did have fun with this big umbrella.

If you look closely, you can see that he is crying his little heart out. I thought he would like the sand, but he was just really not in the mood.

This is the closest to happy that he got on the island, but at least he wasn't crying. The weather was beautiful and I loved just being in the sun.

Here he is by the Flying Dutchman--the boat from the Pirates of the Carribean movies is actually docked here permanently now.

And here are Michael and Ryan by it. Look at that water and that sky! It was BEAUTIFUL! Michael and I got to drop the kids off at their daycares and go snorkeling and it was just beautiful. Until we ran into a bunch of jelly fish and had to high-tail it out of there. Still, it was fun!

Here is Ryan, looking awesome in his sunglasses:

We got a kick out of Calvin in his life jacket for the emergency drill. Poor guy.

And last but not least, a couple of pictures that the Disney photographers took. Yes, we broke down and bouth the digital images for these two. But I'm glad we did.


Rachel C. said...

Oh Caroline, I miss you too! I've been reading your blog and it looks like you had a ton of fun on your Disney vacation and cruise! We went on a cruise last November and LOVED it! Looks like you guys had a great time too.

Good luck to Michael on the job hunt! He's one of those genius guys right? I bet he'll find something soon!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Awesome, awesome pictures! We just might drive up there...

Yeah, and get a job so we can house hunt together! Hooray!

Sharesa Larsen said...

Caroline, I MISS YOU TONS! It looks and sounds like your cruise was awesome, and I am wishing that we could go on one, but alas baby number two is making most things difficult. Thanks for the care package, it made me cry and miss you all the more. Good luck with the job hunt, I am sure something will come up soon!