Sunday, March 8, 2009

Carribbean, nothin' but love for ya!

Well, here we are, back from our Disney and Caribbean vacation, and we had a blast. We spent Thursday night through Sunday morning of last week at Disney World in Orlando and then went on our Disney cruise from Sunday afternoon through Thursday morning of this week. Neither of us have ever been huge Disney fanatics or anything, but the fact that Disney cruise line is the only one that has a nursery on board pretty much sealed the deal. But actually, I thought the Disney vacation was perfect.

I thought Ryan would either be indifferent towards the characters or scared of them, but it was SO funny to watch him. He totally surprised us. He was so emotional that he nearly broke down crying from sheer happiness. It was hilarious. He hugged Minnie Mouse for a solid minute or two and we had to hold him back from tackling Winnie the Pooh during lunch. Needless to say, he had a great time. Calvin just absorbed everything, but had a good time, too. We went at the perfect time of year, because the crowds were at a minimum. I didn't even have to stand in line at all for Splash Mountain.

Oh, and by the way, the height requirement for most of the roller coasters was 40 inches and since Ryan is 40.5 inches, we decided to see how he did. He continues to surprise me, because for being such a tender little guy sometimes, he is really brave other times. He went on Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Kali River Rapids and Goofy's Barnstormer without getting scared once. He loved it! He just wanted to keep going again and again. If he had been big enough for Space Mountain, I am betting he would have loved that too. My favorite moment was on Goofy's Barnstormer with Ryan. It went a little something like this:

Me: What are you doing, Ryan?
Ryan: I'm putting my hands up in the air!
Me: Oh, ok, I will do it, too. (Putting my arms up in the air)
Ryan: Oh, Mommy, no, you need to put your arms around me.
Me: (Laughing) Ok, I will put my arms around you.
*So far this is all while the roller coaster car is slowly headed up the steep incline getting ready for it's first big drop. Now it starts down the big drop*
Ryan: (With his arms still in the air and squeezing his eyes shut really tightly) Mommy, tell me I'm so brave! Tell me I'm so brave!
Me: (Laughing again) Ok, you're so brave, Ryan!

He really had a great time. And Michael and I had a blast, too. We loved the Animal Kingdom best of all. There were fewer people, more helpful workers, and more interactive things for Ryan to do. It was really fun. We went on the Safari ride, which was very cool. We got to see a lot of cool animals up close. We did the Animal Kingdom on Friday, we went to Epcot for a few hours on Friday night and then we spent all day Saturday at the Magic Kingdom. The firework display at the Magic Kingdom was really cool. They even had a person dressed like a glowing tinkerbell fly down from the top of the castle on a zip line while a firwork arced over the top of the castle, just like the little clip that plays at the beginning of all the disney movies. It was cool. Anyways, we had a great time touring the parks and staying at the Disney Port Orleans Riverside resort. It was awesome.

Our cruise was a lot of fun, too, although it was hampered a little by the fact that Calvin chose our cruise to be the perfect time to cut his first two teeth and throw up for pretty much 2 days straight. But that's ok, it was still great. Michael and I got to go snorkeling on Castaway Cay, we all explored downtown Nassau (briefly--it was really expensive), saw a couple of shows on the boat, taught Ryan how to play ping pong, went swimming and ate some really good food. It was mostly nice to just be all together.

So, as you might expect, we have about a million pictures. So when I asked Michael if I should post all 54 of my favorites in one post and got a really big eyeroll from him, I decided I'll just post a few every couple of days to keep things interesting.

Here are the boys meeting Mickey and Minnie:

Here is our family at the character lunch buffet:

Aladdin and Ryan (now Ryan walks around with his arms folded and says "This is how I be a prince"):

Ryan and Winnie the Pooh:

I love these next few--check out Calvin's expression in every one of them. It's like "What in the.....?"

Anyways, 8 pictures down, 46 to go, so I'm sure you'll all hear from me again soon!


Amber said...

I LOVE Disney World! It is some of my favorite family vacation memories as a kid. And I'm sure I would love a Disney cruise. I gotta say, your boys are brave because Megan would NOT think the giant stuffed animal people were cool, especially if they tried to make contact with her (she cries when the big cow comes out at Chick fil a). I can't wait to see the other 40some-odd pics!

The Olsen's said...

How fun!!! I seriously can't wait to do this with our family, when Carson gets a little bigger! Totally jealous! I'm glad you guys had a blast though! Awesome!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That is so funny...I love how Calvin's world is just rocked by the huge guys.

Elizabeth said...

When I read that part about Ryan almost crying with joy over the characters, I laughed so hard that Erik had to come see what was going on.
Tell Calvin good job on the teeth!
I can't believe his birthday is coming up! *tear*

Caity said...

Oh my goodness! Daycare? On the cruise? That sounds pretty darn sweet! Have fun with the kids then have fun with just yourselves! Holy cow! What a blast! I'm glad you got to go!