Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This one's for Abbey

So, here's another Ryan story from a few months ago that I just found on my computer. As I recall, we were talking about squid and then Michael mentioned that people in Japan eat squid, and that Abbey was in Japan.

"But some girls don't like squid. Like, when they are outside and they go "Beep Beep!" And, you know, I don't know why we eat squid. I DON'T KNOW WHY ABBEY EATS SQUID!"

In other Abbey-related news, while we were video chatting with Abbey last night, Calvin did his first hand-and-knees crawl right there for Abbey. He has been doing it all morning today, cruising around the living room happy as a clam. Behold the power of ABBEY! We miss you!

Here are some pictures of the new crawl:

Here's Ryan "encouraging" Calvin with the garage door remote...

Calvin and Daddy, going head to head. My money's on Calvin:

Michael and Calvin playing "This little piggy":


Abbey said...

Haha! Thanks Caroline! :)

I don't know why Abbey eats squid!!

Haha! You sure have the cutest little boys! It was very exciting to see Calvin crawl for the first time!

Jason and Jackie said...

Yay! Calvin's crawling! Jefferson is still doing a fast little inch worm maneuver. He gets up on his hands and knees, and then it's right back on his tummy. I posted some of those pictures you took on our blog. They are so cute!