Friday, February 13, 2009

Michigan: Week 3

So, we have been having lots of fun this week. Besides Ryan's awesome 3rd birthday (see next post), Michael went snowmobiling with his uncle Mike, Ryan found a new person to add to his very very favorite people list (Michael's aunt Reeny), Katie and AnnaMarie came up to visit, tore nasty 30 year old wallpaper out of the bathroom, and had an all around good time.

Mike and Reeny and their daughter Marcy came up to visit from Green Bay. This was awesome for a number of reasons--Michael had a great time snowmobiling and now insists more than ever that we HAVE TO HAVE A CABIN someday, AND Ryan absolutely loves Reeny and Marcy. Reeny was so great with him and taught him his new favorite game--hot and cold. He had this happy meal toy dog that Reeny would hide for him and then they would play hot and cold while he looked for it. Then they would put the dog on top of the fan ad turn it on and watch him fly off. Ryan was in little boy heaven. THANKS, REENY!

Having AnnaMarie and Katie up has been a lot of fun. Ryan and Calvin both love Katie, but Calvin especially. He loves to watch Katie run around and shreik. Except when he's really sad, and then he just freaks out when she starts yelling...But anyways, AnnaMarie and I tackled the bathroom and took down all the wallpaper. Why, for heaven's sake, would anyone ever wallpaper a ceiling? that was the worst. But with the help of a mini shark steamer, it went a lot faster. It's really satisfying to have it all down though. Yay for us!

So, here are some pictures of our recent activities:

Christ and Katie playing at the piano:

Grandpa with AnnaMarie and Katie:

Calvin realized that he could clap this week at Christy's basketball game. It is now a favorite activity. He also likes to give kisses. I love that baby!

Calvin very excited in the little car:

Katie and Calvin in their little cars:

Katie and Ryan on the piano:

I never want to see this icky wallpaper again!

Michael on a snowmobile:

I tried my hand at snowblowing for the first time, and it went pretty well. Since it was like 30 degrees outside it was actually nice to be outside and I had a good time!

So, speaking of actually enjoying 30 degree weather, guess where we will be in 2 weeks?

That's right! Celebrating our graduation at Disney World and on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas! SWEEEEEEEEET.


bethany said...

I didn't realize Jak and Ryan were so close in age-for some reason I thought Ryan was a lot older...happy birthday Ryan!!

The Disney cruise sounds like a lot of fun!! Are you taking the kids?

Caroline said...

Yeah, we are all going. Disney cruises have a nursery and a kids club so we will be together most of the time but we will have some time to do stuff without the kids, too.

Amber said...

Ahaha, a cruise will be so so fun. Live it up and enjoy your thaw.
Good job on that wallpaper. I pity whoever buys my grandfather and his wife's house in Salt Lake someday because there is similarly nasty wallpaper covering every imaginable surface. Good job snowblowing too. Dan really likes it, me--never tried it but since it means there is a lot of snow, I think it's not destined to be one of my loves in life.

Caroline said...

Yeah, the wallpaper was a pain, but at least it's the only wallpapered ceiling in the house. The rest of the house had been redone really nicely, but this gem hadn't been redecorated since way before Michael's family bought the house, so it's definitely in need of some TLC.

Sharesa Larsen said...

We are so excited for you guys and the cruise! We wish we could be doing something fun and exciting and warm right about now! We are also missing you guys terribly!