Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Hi from Ironwood! We've been having a great time here with family, and it's been practically summer here this week, at a balmy 35 degrees! Woo!

On Saturday, Michael and Benjamin and Christy took Ryan sledding for a while, which Ryan LOVED. I got some pictures, most of which were through a window, since Calvin and I were hanging out inside.

Here's Michael and Ryan trying out the sled:

And enjoying the snow:

And here they all are doing snow angels:

I like this one:

Ryan ready to tackle a snow bank:

So, Calvin and I stayed inside and I chased him around with a camera. He's quite an expert army-crawler now and can get pretty much anywhere before I think he can. Here are some pictures:

Love that drooly chin:

On the move:

Aerial shot--Benjamin made this box into a house for Ryan to play in, and Calvin has discovered that he likes it too:

My favorite. I love those eyes. Not to mention the incredible spit bubble action:

So, after everyone came back inside we had hot cocoa and oreos--this was Calvin's first oreo experience, thanks to Michael. Can you tell if he liked it or not?

Loved is a more accurate description:

So, after that--SURPRISE! It was bath time. Here are the boys lovin' the bath:

And while I was editing some pictures for a friend I stumbled across these little gems of Calvin in his exer-saucer. He misses that thing!

And, just to keep you all in the loop on funny Ryan stories, here are a couple of recent ones. So, we use the word "Yahoos" to refer to groups of people. We use it to refer to all of the kids running around the house, bad drivers that we encounter, you name it. So, the other day Ryan got up from his nap and I was alone with him in the kitchen. He gets a serious look on his face and whispers to me, "Hey, Mom. Why are all of these pretend yahoos doing running around on the floor?!?" Then he looks around himself with a horrified expression on his face. Also, we got to the church really early yesterday and encouraged Ryan to get some wiggles out by suggesting he "go run in circles in the gym." He goes in there with Michael, who says, "Well, Ryan, do you want to run in circles?" Ryan surveys the gym and sees the basketball court lines on the floor and says, "No, I want to run in squares."

Anyways, we miss you all in Provo but we are having a good time here in Ironwood!

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Amber said...

Love all the pictures. Very cute. And it really is amazing how "warm" 35 feels if it's been below 20 for a while. And how "cold" 55 feels when you're spoiled by 70! Enjoy the warm up while it lasts!