Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Preserving my head...

So, I found Ryan like this this morning:

And when I asked him what he was doing, he said "Preserving my head!"

What a guy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Naked Cows!

Today Caroline was giving the boys a bath and was talking to them...

Caroline : "How are my two baby boys?"
Ryan : "I am not a baby, I am a cow. See, I'm not wearing a shirt, and cows don't wear shirts. They are kind of naked."


Ryan has a lot of favorite things, but right now one of them is playing prairie dog. I think I called him a prairie dog a few days ago when he popped up from behind something...anyways if he asks you to play prairie dog with him, you just have to crouch down, then suddenly pop up real tall with your hands held like little paws out in front of you. You know the look.

Cute Jammies!

So, Michael's Auntie Janny surprised us the other day and brought Katie, Ryan and Calvin some matching bear hug jammies. Aren't they so cute?

Oh, and this one is a hug, not a choke hold:

They are really cute, so thanks Janny!

Also, today Christy and I decorated some ridiculously cute sugar cookies! Look at how awesome we are:

My favorite was the turkey. And I also really liked the apples, complete with worms!

Also, the other night Michael was reading books to the boys on the love sack and they were just so cute that I had to take some pictures.

I just love my sweet boys. They love playing and reading with their daddy. In fact, yesterday when we asked Ryan what he would like to do he said, "PLAY IN THE BASEMENT WITH MY DADDY!!!!!!" Thanks for being such a great Daddy, Michael!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Michigan: Week 3

So, we have been having lots of fun this week. Besides Ryan's awesome 3rd birthday (see next post), Michael went snowmobiling with his uncle Mike, Ryan found a new person to add to his very very favorite people list (Michael's aunt Reeny), Katie and AnnaMarie came up to visit, tore nasty 30 year old wallpaper out of the bathroom, and had an all around good time.

Mike and Reeny and their daughter Marcy came up to visit from Green Bay. This was awesome for a number of reasons--Michael had a great time snowmobiling and now insists more than ever that we HAVE TO HAVE A CABIN someday, AND Ryan absolutely loves Reeny and Marcy. Reeny was so great with him and taught him his new favorite game--hot and cold. He had this happy meal toy dog that Reeny would hide for him and then they would play hot and cold while he looked for it. Then they would put the dog on top of the fan ad turn it on and watch him fly off. Ryan was in little boy heaven. THANKS, REENY!

Having AnnaMarie and Katie up has been a lot of fun. Ryan and Calvin both love Katie, but Calvin especially. He loves to watch Katie run around and shreik. Except when he's really sad, and then he just freaks out when she starts yelling...But anyways, AnnaMarie and I tackled the bathroom and took down all the wallpaper. Why, for heaven's sake, would anyone ever wallpaper a ceiling? that was the worst. But with the help of a mini shark steamer, it went a lot faster. It's really satisfying to have it all down though. Yay for us!

So, here are some pictures of our recent activities:

Christ and Katie playing at the piano:

Grandpa with AnnaMarie and Katie:

Calvin realized that he could clap this week at Christy's basketball game. It is now a favorite activity. He also likes to give kisses. I love that baby!

Calvin very excited in the little car:

Katie and Calvin in their little cars:

Katie and Ryan on the piano:

I never want to see this icky wallpaper again!

Michael on a snowmobile:

I tried my hand at snowblowing for the first time, and it went pretty well. Since it was like 30 degrees outside it was actually nice to be outside and I had a good time!

So, speaking of actually enjoying 30 degree weather, guess where we will be in 2 weeks?

That's right! Celebrating our graduation at Disney World and on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas! SWEEEEEEEEET.

Great Big Three Year Old!

Yesterday was Ryan's 3rd birthday. I can't believe he is so big already! He had an awesome day yesterday playing with Michael and me, Katie and Calvin, AnnaMarie, Grandpa, Christy and Benjamin. He pushed the garage door button a million times and Michael braved the cold to grill bratwursts outside, so what's not to love? Plus, I made him a GARAGE DOOR CAKE! It looked about a million times better than the elevator cake he had last year, and he loved it. We opened presents after dinner and his favorite things were his fruit by the foots from grandma and grandpa Walton and the spray bottle he got from AnnaMarie. Someone please remind me not to spend money on him for Christmas, because apparantly he is very easily pleased! Didn't I learn that lesson at Christmas???? Anyways, he had such a fun birthday. He even sang happy birthday to himself while he fell asleep during nap time. Anyways, here are some pictures of the festivities!

Here he is with his birthday cake--a replica of Grandpa Ernie's garage complete with driveway and the Expedition. Does he look excited to eat it or what?

Excited much?

Not excited much?

Christy and Katie enjoying the party.

Ryan doing karaoke and displaying his age proudly.

Ryan with his new kid laptop from Grandma and Grandpa Walton.

Opening presents.

Chilling with Grandpa.

Happy Birthday my little punkin pie! We love you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This one's for Abbey

So, here's another Ryan story from a few months ago that I just found on my computer. As I recall, we were talking about squid and then Michael mentioned that people in Japan eat squid, and that Abbey was in Japan.

"But some girls don't like squid. Like, when they are outside and they go "Beep Beep!" And, you know, I don't know why we eat squid. I DON'T KNOW WHY ABBEY EATS SQUID!"

In other Abbey-related news, while we were video chatting with Abbey last night, Calvin did his first hand-and-knees crawl right there for Abbey. He has been doing it all morning today, cruising around the living room happy as a clam. Behold the power of ABBEY! We miss you!

Here are some pictures of the new crawl:

Here's Ryan "encouraging" Calvin with the garage door remote...

Calvin and Daddy, going head to head. My money's on Calvin:

Michael and Calvin playing "This little piggy":

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Hi from Ironwood! We've been having a great time here with family, and it's been practically summer here this week, at a balmy 35 degrees! Woo!

On Saturday, Michael and Benjamin and Christy took Ryan sledding for a while, which Ryan LOVED. I got some pictures, most of which were through a window, since Calvin and I were hanging out inside.

Here's Michael and Ryan trying out the sled:

And enjoying the snow:

And here they all are doing snow angels:

I like this one:

Ryan ready to tackle a snow bank:

So, Calvin and I stayed inside and I chased him around with a camera. He's quite an expert army-crawler now and can get pretty much anywhere before I think he can. Here are some pictures:

Love that drooly chin:

On the move:

Aerial shot--Benjamin made this box into a house for Ryan to play in, and Calvin has discovered that he likes it too:

My favorite. I love those eyes. Not to mention the incredible spit bubble action:

So, after everyone came back inside we had hot cocoa and oreos--this was Calvin's first oreo experience, thanks to Michael. Can you tell if he liked it or not?

Loved is a more accurate description:

So, after that--SURPRISE! It was bath time. Here are the boys lovin' the bath:

And while I was editing some pictures for a friend I stumbled across these little gems of Calvin in his exer-saucer. He misses that thing!

And, just to keep you all in the loop on funny Ryan stories, here are a couple of recent ones. So, we use the word "Yahoos" to refer to groups of people. We use it to refer to all of the kids running around the house, bad drivers that we encounter, you name it. So, the other day Ryan got up from his nap and I was alone with him in the kitchen. He gets a serious look on his face and whispers to me, "Hey, Mom. Why are all of these pretend yahoos doing running around on the floor?!?" Then he looks around himself with a horrified expression on his face. Also, we got to the church really early yesterday and encouraged Ryan to get some wiggles out by suggesting he "go run in circles in the gym." He goes in there with Michael, who says, "Well, Ryan, do you want to run in circles?" Ryan surveys the gym and sees the basketball court lines on the floor and says, "No, I want to run in squares."

Anyways, we miss you all in Provo but we are having a good time here in Ironwood!