Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Back!

So, sorry it's been like a month, I have been seriously enjoying not having anything on my schedule! We had a fantastic Christmas with the whole Walton Family here in Provo, and it was SO nice not to travel. We stayed over at my parents' house with the whole family for a few days for some quality togetherness time, and we had a blast. We made yummy treats, played games, went sledding, made an awesome snowman and snowpuppy, had snowball fights, did pilates at the gym (ok, so the boys skipped out on that one) and really had a great time. The girls all went shopping together and had fun. One funny story from shopping was that I was having Kelly pick out something she wanted for Christmas. So, she ended up picking out a cute looking giraffe print bag. We came out of the store and my mom was there and said, "Oh great. You can't get THAT! I already got you a really expensive Dooney & Bourke giraffe print bag for Christmas!" Just then Danica walked out of the store and said, "Oh, that's OK, you can give it to me for Christmas, it's really cute." Then for the rest of the shopping trip mom kept saying "You know, I really wish they had more of those giraffe print bags. I really want one." So, we ended up ordering one for her for Christmas, too. It was cute, but I think I've been living the student life for too long and can't seem to get myself all excited over cute bags. Maybe in a few months...

So anyways, Christmas morning was wonderful. Grandpa Moore (Grandpa Ernie, as Ryan likes to call him, except it sounds more like "Ohnie") got Ryan a sweet new tricycle for Christmas, and it was sitting out with the Santa presents. Ryan kept rubbing his eyes and not really understanding what was going on. He thought the tricycle looked cool, but he didn't really get it. So I said, "Ryan, that tricycle is for YOU to KEEP." Then he looked at me with this completely shell shocked face and said, "For ME????!!!!!" He was so excited and just loved riding around on it. Way to go, Grandpa! We all had a great time opening gifts and playing with toys. The present Ryan got most excited about, by far, was the box of fruitsnacks that Danica gave him. Go figure! I guess next Christmas I will drastically reduce my budget for gift buying. One of our favorite gifts were some plates that Michael's little sister Christy made for us. They are so cute! Michael's has a computer on it, mine has a camera on it, Calvin's has a baby ring stacker toy on it, and Ryan's has COWIE on it! He adores that plate. Thanks, Christy! We love them and Ryan insists that he eat off of it every night!

Ryan REALLY excited to open presents

Calvin loves his baby activity table:

Ryan and his beloved tricycle:

Ken and Luke ready to open presents:

Ryan doing his "excited about fruitsnacks" face:

Another "excited fruitsnack" face:

Calvin and Grandpa opening some presents:

Calvin with his awesome baby mirror:

Ken and Evelyn opening presents:

Ryan...doing....something...with his Cowie plate:

Showing off his Cowie plate for real:

I got bongos!

Here are our awesome snowman and snowpuppy:

Luke and Ryan enjoying the snow cave:

Anyways, we really had a great holiday with everyone here. The best part of Christmas is spending it with loved ones, and we got to do a LOT of that! Oh, and you may notice that all the grandkids had matching pajamas--that was a BIG project that Kelly and I undertook that took us forever. We finally finished them Christmas Eve day just in time. I don't think I am ever going to do that again. Maybe just pants next time. But they did look darling! We were pretty proud of ourselves.

Marianne and Seth came into town for a wedding right after Christmas, so we got to see them, too! Calvin loved meeting his aunt and uncle for the first time, and Ryan pretty much took Marianne captive and forced her to play garage door with him for like 2 hours. For those of you who have witnessed Ryan playing garage door, it is not fun. You stand there, he makes you push an imaginary button, makes you "watch" the door go up or down, and then gets really excited about it, and then does it over and OVER and OVER again. I was just glad to have someone else besides myself getting in on the "fun". Thanks, Marianne! It was really nice to sit and talk for a few hours. Thanks for coming, guys!

Marianne and Seth with the boys:

Calvin checking out Seth's beard:

And sharing Marianne's scarf:

And here are some fun ones of Ryan in Michael's German Man hat:

And wearing the safety glasses that go with his real tool kit from Grandpa Moore:

Our boys in their footie pajamas:

Ryan sharing his sippy cup with Calvin:

So, for new news--we are moving! I have been dreaming of this day for years, but now that it's here, I am actually pretty sad to be leaving. I will miss being near my parents, miss our ward, miss my MBA cohorts, and miss the incredible friends that we have made while we've been here (you know you are...especially you, silly goose!). But I am always up for a moving challenge and this time is no different. I am excited to move on to the next stage in our lives. So, we are eventually moving to Minneapolis but at the end of the month we will head out to Ironwood to stay with Michael's family while we house and job hunt (Michael will keep his current job, which he can do from anywhere, until he finds what he's looking for in Minneapolis). We are really excited to get to spend some time with our family out there, and just in time for the -40 degree weather! Sweet! Good thing I got big warm fuzzy boots for Christmas.

And last, but not least, I got a haircut! Here is my new do.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are enjoyng 2009 thus far!


Angela said...

Sounds like a fun, eventful month! I'm glad you had a good Christmas with your family. The move sounds exciting, at least you'll still be close to family. And cute haircut! I love it. Oh- and I'm with you on the handbags... just can't seem to understand the obsession.

Michael said...

OOOhhhh! Nice Haircut!

Kendra said...

Cute pictures of course, and I am so sad that you'll be moving:( It has been fun getting to know you though. And, I love your hair, it looks fantastic!

Caity said...

Very cute haircut! Adorable! What a fun and busy Christmas! I loved the pictures!

Caity said...

By the way...why the move? Why there? Just curious :)

Caroline said...

We are moving because Michael found a grad program he is interested in at the University of Minnesota so we are going to get residency there and then (hopefully) do Michael's grad school there. Plus Kelly and her kids live there and Michael's family is not too far away. So, that's the plan!

Jules said...

LOVE the haircut! Sooo cute! We already miss you. You must come visit before you leave. Hopefully you are planning to come back to walk. It just won't be the same without you. :)

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Oh cute hair. It really makes me want to chop mine again...

And nice Christmas pics. I'm glad S & M got to meet Calvin. I can't wait to see that baby. He's the best.

Am I Silly Goose? :) haha