Friday, December 12, 2008

Ryan the Ladies' Man and Other Happenings...

So, you all have to know how funny Ryan was at the ward Christmas party. There was an area blocked off as a dance floor and when the music started, Ryan busted a move. The poor kid takes after his parents and is a terrible dancer. He just jumped up and down like a little jackhammer.

The best of it had already passed by the time I got the camera out, but you get the gist, right?

Well, as awful as his dancing was, it was still good enough to impress the ladies. Take a look at this. Go Ryan!

When I saw them heading for the door I had a little glimpse of the trouble we will probably be in for when he gets to be a teenager. I could just imagine him saying, "C'mon, lovely ladies, let's go for a spin in my parents' Malibu..."

So, besides the dancing, some highlights of the evening were (in order of appearance) Ryan throwing up in the middle of the dance floor with everyone watching during the bishop's touching Christmas speech (last year he threw up at the chili cookoff, so i am kind of used to this), having Liz teach Ryan the robot dance, and Ryan running up to Santa and squealing, "SANTA!!!!! WILL YOU DANCE WITH ME???"

Here is a picture of said robot dance lesson:

Oh, and this one is absolutely PRICELESS:

I can just imagine him surveying the damage and saying, "Oh geez, this does NOT look good...". Clearly, with that kind of crazy dancing, there had to be casualties...

Oh, and I feel so bad for poor little Eli here, just trying to squeeze in. I mean, Ryan's got Audrey Hall and Ava lined up, and Audrey Tibbits admiring him from the floor, and poor little Eli just wants a chance. Come on, Ryan! Share!

And the classic Ryan and Santa pose:

And here is Calvin getting in on the action:

So, the party was definitely a lot of fun, thanks in no small part to our absolutely crazy kid. When we got home, we tucked Ryan into bed and had some happy time with Calvin. Calvin has to be in just the right mood to get him to laugh, and tonight he was definitely there. What a funny boy!

Here's a picture of Mr. Happy Calvin:


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Oh, such wonderful boys you have. I love that Ryan was a dancing maniac...just like his old dad.

Kelly said...

okay, so he's kind of laughing. I was laughing at Ryan and his ladies man ways. I love that kid.