Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stream of Conciousness

It's really easy to tap into Ryan's stream of consciousness. Given virtually any prompt and he'll start talking. We hadn't posted in a few days so I said "Hey Ryan, say something funny". This will make slightly more sense if you know that he was getting his pants on at the time. He said:

"No. Nooo. Nope. You know what? I don't have any funny words. I have to get filled up with funny words. Yeah. I said 'Calvin, do these go in the back'.

Oh. Oh. Oh can you help me? How do you snap my snappies? My snap guy. Pull Pull Pull. I'm pulling this one up. Oh. There we go. Could you please help? And button them? [Heavy Breathing] I'm too bad at that. I have to zip myself. [pointing at diaper through zipper opening] SEE! I'm unzipped!

Could you please give me some chocolate milk? Please? Please can you give me some? Please can you give me some chocolate milk.

I'm getting filled up with funny words.


GETSO! BOO-AH! That's a funny word. Ok Where's our car on the computer? Oh right there. It needs to be right there.

Can you please give me some chocolate milk?"

It's not that funny, but it's pure classic all-day-can't-stop-it-no-matter-what Ryan.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That's so Ryan. I can see it now. He's hilarious! We miss him!

Bart said...

It made ME laugh. Happy Thanksgiving.