Sunday, November 16, 2008


So, as many of you know, Ryan's best friend and favorite toy is Cowie, a hideously ugly flaming neon cow that happens to be the Beijing 2008 Paralympic mascot, that my dad bought for Ryan in China back in 2006. Ryan took Cowie everywhere. Hence, this winter after one trip all over Provo and Orem running errands, Cowie dissappeared and was no where to be found. Luckily, my dad also bought an identical cow for my niece Evelyn, who didn't share the same fanatical love for the freaky looking stuffed animal. So, Kelly sent us the replacement cow and life was good again. Then during our trip to Moab in June with Michael's family, Replacement Cowie dissappeared, and we assumed that Ryan had left it somewhere. So, when we got back to Provo, we got ahold of some friends of ours that live in China. Just our luck, they were coming out to Utah at the end of July and so they found what the clerk said was the last Cowie in stock in some store in Beijing and brought him to Utah for poor, Cowie-less Ryan. Hooray! Life was good again. So, we had Cowie #3, and life continued as normal. One day when we were getting ready to go camping, we emptied out a hiking backpack and found Replacement Cowie crammed in a hidden pocket. So, then we had two Cowies. So, one went away for safe keeping for the next time Cowie dissappeared, and we loosened the restrictions on Cowie #3, who up until that point had been on house arrest.

And this week, the story got even better. I went to Kenny's One Hour Photo in Orem to pick up some prints I had made (they do great work, by the way), and Ryan came along, too. There is a bin of toys there for kids to play with while their parents are picking up orders, etc., so Ryan went over to check out the toys. A few seconds later, I hear Ryan exclaim, "Hey!!!!!!! IT'S MY COWIE!!!!!!!" And sure enough, he was clutching a very dirty, grmiy and nasty looking Cowie to his chest. Cowie was incognito in a little doll shirt with some kid's picture on it saying "I love Daddy", but his tail gave him away. It fell off once and I sewed it on with mismatching thread, and sure enough, it was the very same tail! So, after explaining our story to the store clerk and adding "Besides, I am pretty sure no one else in the entire country would have spent money on this ridiculous looking stuffed animal," the clerk acquiesced and let us take Cowie home. But I wouldn't let Ryan touch him again until after I washed him. So, it's a modern day miracle! All 3 Cowies under the same roof. Who would have thought? We are now the proud owners of 3 hideously ugly flaming neon cows, although 2 of them are currently in hiding. Ryan is so exited to have Cowie back and runs around saying, "Hey, it's my very first Cowie!"

While Ryan was sleeping, I couldn't resist getting out all 3 Cowies for a little celebratory photo:


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That is so funny. I love the Cowie obsession, and it's just fantastic that it has all come full circle to reunite all the Cowies again.

Kelly said...

No way! I am dying laughing. What in the world? That is great.

Angela said...

What a great story! Jacob used to have a little purplish/blueish stuffed animal he called, "Animal" it was the same type of obsession, but sadly once he was lost...he was gone for good. I'm so glad you have three Cowies!

Kendra said...

That is one of the funniest stories, and then with the picture it is classic! I can't believe you found them all!