Friday, November 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So, we all made it back home, and let me tell you, it is SO nice to be back. I realized (too late) that skipping school for almost 2 weeks was a mistake, though, since I now find it even harder to motivate myself to go to class. Senior-itis was bad in high school, worse in college and EVEN WORSE in grad school. I love being with my family, especially since I did see them for a week and a half, and it is so tempting to just stay home. I am so glad that I only have 4 more weeks of class. So close!

Anyways, it has been too long since I posted a funny Ryan story, so here one is:

So Ryan and I were having a discussion about life. I said "when babies are born they start their lives" and Ryan gave his new favorite response, "Oh why?" So, I said "Because Heavenly Father and Jesus made us". Then he asked "How did they make us? Did they make us with a stove?" I said that I didn't think so. He said "Oh yeah, they did. Because I went to Jesus and said 'Jesus can you please cook me?'"

Ahhhh. It's good to be back.

Here are some pictures!

Home with my Calvin:

And my Ryan...

I have a thing with clouds from the airplane windows, although it has been almost 3 years since I have flown without "distractions", so I haven't had time to notice for quite some time. But I like these pics:

And a couple of Barcelona pictures:

The Sacred Family church, they started building this baby in the 1880's and it still isn't done. It's scheduled for completion in like 2060. Crazy.

Oh, and definitely the most important Europe picture. Me and a döner kebab. Oh yum.


Justin said...

I love clouds from airplanes--I didn't take a trip in an airplane that I could remember until I was 12--and then I HAD to have a window seat and just stare and stare because we were above the clouds! I have always wanted to be able to fly--like without any external apparatus. If I were given a superpower I would choose flying number one, and if I could have a second, the ability to time travel. Yes, I am a nerd.

James said...

MMMMmmmmm....döner kebabs are pretty amazing I will have to say

James said...

Calvin is going to just love you for that first picture when he gets older.