Sunday, November 2, 2008


A big old GUTEN TAG from Frankfurt. That's right, I am blogging in Germany! The flight was long but otherwise fine, we went to church here this morning and I am now relaxing in my hotel room. It's nice, but I really miss Michael and the boys. Which brings me to my next subject--

I have cute boys!

Calvin was Lucifer himself and Ryan was a pumpkin (in this picture he is a pumpkin that spilled a whole cup of water down his front). Thanks to Grandma Moore for making these costumes like 2 decades ago--they are still going strong! We had a great Halloween making yummy snacks, dressing up, decorating, throwing a party, visiting with Great Grandma and Pap Moore and doing some trunk-or-treating at Janny's church. Woo! Here are some pictures!

Ryan, Katie and Calvin

Cute little devil...he looks so excited!

Papa Moore with our boys:

Katie and AnnaMarie with Great Grandma Moore:

And this is what Ryan would look like with long, luxurious brown hair. Mystery solved.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween, too!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

OH, cute kids. They look like they're having a fun time. Where's your costume?

Queen Mum said...

I've really enjoyed seeing these pictures! You all are so cute!