Thursday, November 6, 2008

Business Tripping It!

Hola! Estoy in España! That's about all I've got in the Spanish department. And, I'll be honest, I had to look that up, too! Anyways, I have been on a businessy research trip for school this week, and it has been pretty cool! We started off in Frankfurt and had a few meetings with people for our research. Some really nice guys from church headquarters in Germany helped us out and drove us around one day, so it was nice to get some help. We haven't had time to do much except have meetings, eat and do a tiny bit of shopping. When I informed Ryan over video chat that I had a special surprise for him he was pretty bummed that I couldn't give it to him right then. I told him that I would love to, but that I would have to wait until Tuesday when I saw him for real. Then he busted up laughing and said, "Yeah! And not for pretend! Because now I am just seeing you for pretend!" Apparrently, that was pretty funny.

I really miss my boys! I come home on Saturday, but they will be in Ironwood until Tuesday, so I won't see them until then. Ryan was pretty funny the other night (again) on video chat. Michael was just tucking the boys into bed, so we read family scriptures together and I was "helping" tuck Ryan into bed (i.e. Michael stuck the laptop next to him on the floor) while Michael was changing Calvin's diaper elsewhere. So anyways, Ryan was giggly and really excited to be talking to me. I sang him a goodnight song and then he said, "Mommy, do you want to snuggle with me?" And I said, "I would LOVE to!" So he scooted up to the screen and pushed his pillow over to the laptop. He said, "Here, you can share my pillow!" So I pretended to put my head down at about the right height for the pillow and we snuggled for a while. He just laughed and laughed. I really miss him! He can be such a sweetheart.

Anyways, we have been in Madrid now since Wednesday evening and we've been getting a lot done. One of my friends in the MBA program (Marta) is from Spain, and her father has helped us out a lot while we've been here, so that has been awesome. This morning we are flying to Barcelona and then tomorrow we leave to come home. It has been fun, but I am VERY excited to be home again, and especially excited to see Michael and the boys again on Tuesday. Thanks for watching the boys, honey! You are a gem!

Here are some pictures of my adventures this week (although these pictures don't look very adventurous...)

The park across from my hotel in Frankfurt:

Me by the Main river (pronounced "mine") in Frankfurt:

Frankfurt opera house:

Another view of the park by the hotel in Frankfurt:

Me in the park by the hotel in Frankfurt:

Random weird statue in Frankfurt:

A street in Madrid:

The Madrid temple:

Me at the Madrid temple (we didn't actually go in, we just met with some people to interview them nearby):

So, on to Barcelona!


Kelly said...

can you come home soon so we can chat please? i'm going through withdrawal. love the red jacket by the way.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Ooh, you look great!

Jamie Hyde said...

Caroline, I love your pictures! What a neat trip... I have to say I'm Jealous! And I bet it's SO nice being with your kids again!