Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This morning

So, I have a couple of tidbits to brighten your day. So, we have a pack of underwear for Ryan to use if he ever gets potty trained. He found them and ran into our room this morning yelling "Look! My space movies!" (in case you thought that this made any sense at all, the underwear have football prints on them)

Then we had him come snuggle us because we weren't ready to get out of bed yet. So he brought his cowie in and laid down and then, in true Moore fashion (it's a known fact that the Moore family likes to make up random words--and tunes sometimes--to songs) started singing a song that went like this (just imagine a random tune in the high-pitched voice Ryan uses when he tries to sound grown-up):

"Cowie likes popcorn stackerz (this is a reference to 2 favorite treats--popcorn and fruit stackerz), and I'm so glad I have him...him...him...him...him...him! I love him and we will wake up on Saturday when the sun comes out. One two, two-teen."

Then on the way to school (Michael dropped me off this morning and took the kids to Sharesa's, yay!) Ryan said to me, "Mommy, Daddy married you. Can you say thank you to him?"

Then he continued saying, "I want to marry Audrey (a girl from nursery) in a real temple. Where you got married. It is very special when you come. And see me and Audrey get married. You can see me on the sidewalk."

What a nut! Good morning for Ryan quotes. And I did tell Michael thank you.


Rachel C. said...

I love your Ryan stories! Keep putting them on!!!

The Olsen's said...

Super cute stories! Loved the part about the temple and getting married! How precious! hope you guys are doing well!

Elizabeth said...

L.O.L Two-teen? I think Ryan is turning into a homestar runner cartoon.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Ryan is so hilarious. I was laughing. :) And yes, Moores do have that tendancy. Tyler does it too, now, and just as well.

Morgan said...

ok, so i love all the stories that you post of ryan's rantings. he is hilarious. kids are the best!