Monday, October 20, 2008

Need a little help!

I may have already emailed some of you, but I am trying to get some info on what people want in a photographer. So if you have a minute, can you take a quick survey for me? Here is the link:


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Amber said...

Dude, you should move to Connecticut and be a photographer. My sister just moved there and is considering starting a photography business because the 2 photographers that everyone uses are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. One donated a portrait session and an 8x10 print to a school auction and listed the value at $800. for a single 8x10?!? are they crazy? The other photographer donated an 11x14 family (parents and up to 2 children) portrait--$1100. woo, what a deal. My sister has a nikon d40 and her photog skills are pretty good and she knows photoshop. she was like well, I may not be a pro but if you pay me $100 bucks, I'll take about as many shots as you want and one is bound to look good...AND I'll give you the copyright.