Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long lost pictures from the Walton family visit

Hey everybody, I finally cleared off my memory cards and have some great pictures from our Walton family get together. Enjoy!

Calvin finally got to meet his Aunt Danica and Aunt Kelly. Here he is snuggling Danica!

James got in on the Walton family action, too. Doesn't Calvin look so content?

We went to the trampoline gym with mom, dad and grandpa and Vicki. Grandpa, Vicki and Dad sat on the sidelines, but not Mom!

Kelly embracing her inner pom girl:

Calvin even got in on the jumping action:

Mom really had a good time:

Luke and Ryan bouncing around:

Ryan getting some air:

Grandma helping Ev navigate the trampolines:

Aw, Kelly, you are cute!

Aw, Dad, you are cute too!

Could life get any better for Ryan? Grandma and Cowie in the same picture?

Grandpa Balcom's 80th birthday party was a success! Here he is ready to blow out his candles:

What party of Grandpa's would be complete without some harmonica action?

Luke and Grandpa doing a little improv.

Grandpa and his girls:

The whole family:

Grandpa and Vicki:

Calvin playing with Grandpa:

Very happy Evelyn:

My lovely middle sis:

Grandpa and his great grandkids:

Ev getting some piano lessons:

Our trip to the fossil mining place--Kelly and Luke having fun:

Ryan taking it to the mountain:

It's a hammer-wielding party:

Kelly taking a stroll with Ryan and Ev:

Kelly getting some Calvin snuggles:

Danica on the trilabyte hunt:

Apparently the water bottle was a hot commodity:

Dad was definitely in his element, complete with hat:

My lovely oldest sis:

Ryan is a cute kid:

Luke was actually pretty good at finding trilabytes:

More updates to come soon!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

What the devil is a trilabyte?

I love how hard Calvin seems to concentrate on everything. And James is snuggly.

And yes, Ryan is very cute!

Amber said...

Fun! Trilobites (i have no idea how to spell it). We'll have to do that next time we're in Utah.