Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just for Janny

Janny, Michael's aunt, sent Calvin these awesome Packer jammies a while ago. Thanks, Janny! They are so snuggly and warm, and Calvin LOVES them.

Oh, and NEWSFLASH, EVERYONE: RYAN IS FUNNY. On Monday we sat down like a good little family and had a Family Home Evening song and lesson. We asked Ryan what song we should sing, and he asked for "the welcome song". So I said, "Do you mean the 'hello, hello we welcome you today' song from nursery?" And he said "No." So, since I could only think of one other church song that has the word "welcome" in it, I asked, "Do you mean 'Welcome, welcome, sabbath morning'?" And he said, "Yes, that's the one." Who knows where he gets this stuff? In addition, last night when Calvin went to bed, we were still up with Ryan, and we asked him what special activity he would like to do with just mommy and daddy, and he said "Sanding". He then got out the sandpaper and 3 blocks of wood, and so we all sat on the kitchen floor and sanded. WOOHOO!

Oh and, P.S., there are a million posts below, so have fun reading (or, rather, looking since they are mostly pictures.).


Rachel C. said...

Where did he learn about sanding?

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Yay updates! That sanding this is hilarious. I miss you guys! Maybe Tyler will get an interview in Salt Lake and we'll all come!

Michael Moore said...

I've made a couple of things with wood recently and needed to sand them. He likes to try to help. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! It was a little shorter than I went in expecting, but I'm liking it. Erik is feeling a little bereaved, but it'll grow!

P.S. The sanding is a riot. Oh Ryan, what a funny guy.