Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, yesterday we flew in to Milwaukee where AnnaMarie picked us up and then we all climbed in their '93 Cadillac and headed up to Ironwood! The boys were both champs on the plane and on the drive. We had Katie, Calvin and Ryan in the back seat and since the front seat was a bench, me, AnnaMarie and Michael all piled in the front. We had fun on the drive and, of course, even more fun once we got to Ironwood! Today we relaxed, I took a nap (SOOOOO NICE), we played games, opened a package from Abbey in Japan (thanks, Abbey! Yum!), and we went to visit Janny and Grandma and Papa. Calvin absolutely loves Katie now, and is not scared of her screeching in the least. Katie is such a fun little girl--what a great age! She is so nice to Calvin and doesn't care when Ryan steals her toys. I am pretty much convinced to move here someday. I forgot how beautiful Michigan is in the fall. So, anyways, here are some pictures so far!

Calvin and Benjamin playing outside. It was SO nice out today!

Ryan getting some loves from Papa:

Hanging out with AnnaMarie:

Eating AnnaMarie:

Trying to eat Great Grandma Moore:

Happy boy with his Great Grandma:

Kissies from Janny:

Calvin loves his Auntie Janny:

All the Great Grandkids with Great Grandma Moore

A little fuzzy, but I thought this one looked so sweet.

More updates to come soon!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Awww, great pics. I'm glad you got to come for a few days at least. It was worth it to get to drive up north all together. That was a nice drive. I hope you have a good time in Europe! Don't sleep the whole time!

Queen Mum said...


What fun pictures you've taken and shared, too. I love seeing them! Lots of love to you and the whole family!