Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally the rest of our Yellowstone pictures!

Yay! I finally am posting the rest of our Yellowstone pictures. So, this Elk was HUGE. We got probably within 20 feet of it before the park rangers evacuated everyone from the area. Those antlers look much more menacing in person.

We made it down to Old Faithful. Unfortunately, Ryan was very tired and kind of mad about being outside again, so he wasn't too impressed, so the best picture of him with Old Fatihful is from the back.

This shows the grumpy Ryan face. but Luke looks pretty happy!

Gigantic bison. Just really huge.

This geyser spot in the park was beautiful. I loved all the mist and colors.

Here's the Barringer gang.

Calvin enjoying the sights from the stroller.

That's one happy Luke.

And one happy Ryan:

Ryan loved running around after Luke. They had a lot of fun together.

Another bison picture!

Ken and the boys.

Ryan had a good time running around and did a good job trying to care about nature.

Me and Ryan.

Look! A mud pot!

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