Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, yesterday we flew in to Milwaukee where AnnaMarie picked us up and then we all climbed in their '93 Cadillac and headed up to Ironwood! The boys were both champs on the plane and on the drive. We had Katie, Calvin and Ryan in the back seat and since the front seat was a bench, me, AnnaMarie and Michael all piled in the front. We had fun on the drive and, of course, even more fun once we got to Ironwood! Today we relaxed, I took a nap (SOOOOO NICE), we played games, opened a package from Abbey in Japan (thanks, Abbey! Yum!), and we went to visit Janny and Grandma and Papa. Calvin absolutely loves Katie now, and is not scared of her screeching in the least. Katie is such a fun little girl--what a great age! She is so nice to Calvin and doesn't care when Ryan steals her toys. I am pretty much convinced to move here someday. I forgot how beautiful Michigan is in the fall. So, anyways, here are some pictures so far!

Calvin and Benjamin playing outside. It was SO nice out today!

Ryan getting some loves from Papa:

Hanging out with AnnaMarie:

Eating AnnaMarie:

Trying to eat Great Grandma Moore:

Happy boy with his Great Grandma:

Kissies from Janny:

Calvin loves his Auntie Janny:

All the Great Grandkids with Great Grandma Moore

A little fuzzy, but I thought this one looked so sweet.

More updates to come soon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So, in the car the other day, Ryan said, "Calvin is a DANGEROUS boy." And Michael and I of course laughed and asked him why Calvin was dangerous, and he said, "Because he has a spray thingy." (Translation--a spray bottle) So I said, "What does he spray with it?" The answer? "Amimals."

Funny back story--Ryan equates spray bottles with negativity because once I had him over at Liz and Erik's house and he picked up a spray bottle and was walking around watering plants for them--very helpful--and having a generally good time. Then he walks up to Liz, who was looking elsewhere, and said, "Hey Liz" to get her attention. The second she turned to look at her he squirted her right in the face. The look on Liz's face was priceless. I can't even describe it, so I won't try, but it is a treasured memory. HA! Sorry Liz, but it was funny. Anyways, he got in trouble. Hence the negative connotations.

Oh, in other good news, I took Calvin with me to a group meeting yesterday and somehow while I was holding him, he managed to pee AROUND his diaper and directly onto my lap. Wow.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ryan sings...

here comes a flying cow,
he flew by my school and
he took all my candy and
now he has to fly

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ryan tells stories

I tell Ryan true stories of when I was a boy.

Tonight he'd about drained me of stories after a while so I said, "OK Ryan, now you tell me some stories!"

Story 1:
Once when I was a small boy and I made one fire, two fires, three, four, five six fires!
(ed. If this were a piece of music, there would be a crescendo as he's counting followed by a double forte "fires")

Story 2:
Once I was two boys and I made a fire.

Story 3:
Once there were two boys and mommy and daddy and mommy opened the door and there were people.

I think I might go hide the lighters and matches better...

This morning

So, I have a couple of tidbits to brighten your day. So, we have a pack of underwear for Ryan to use if he ever gets potty trained. He found them and ran into our room this morning yelling "Look! My space movies!" (in case you thought that this made any sense at all, the underwear have football prints on them)

Then we had him come snuggle us because we weren't ready to get out of bed yet. So he brought his cowie in and laid down and then, in true Moore fashion (it's a known fact that the Moore family likes to make up random words--and tunes sometimes--to songs) started singing a song that went like this (just imagine a random tune in the high-pitched voice Ryan uses when he tries to sound grown-up):

"Cowie likes popcorn stackerz (this is a reference to 2 favorite treats--popcorn and fruit stackerz), and I'm so glad I have him...him...him...him...him...him! I love him and we will wake up on Saturday when the sun comes out. One two, two-teen."

Then on the way to school (Michael dropped me off this morning and took the kids to Sharesa's, yay!) Ryan said to me, "Mommy, Daddy married you. Can you say thank you to him?"

Then he continued saying, "I want to marry Audrey (a girl from nursery) in a real temple. Where you got married. It is very special when you come. And see me and Audrey get married. You can see me on the sidewalk."

What a nut! Good morning for Ryan quotes. And I did tell Michael thank you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Michael!

So, today was Michael's 27th birthday. Happy birthday, Michael! I will have to post pictures later (translation--I am too lazy to get up out of the chair and get the card reader), but we had a great day! Last night my parents took us out to celebrate at Sushi-ya, and I would definitely recommend it, and I hate fish and sushi! I had the sesame chicken, and it was great, and more importantly, Michael had all you can eat sushi and loved it. Thanks mom and dad!

Last night we went to bed early and got up late, which equals a very happy me. Ryan was so cute when he came into our room this morning. I said, "Ryan, today is a very special day. Do you know what day it is?" and he said, in a sweet little melodic high pitched voice, "Yes, it's tomorrow!" He's a funny boy. Anyways, he gave us some nice snuggles. Then I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast in honor of Michael's bday and they also ended up being lunch. They were good.

Tonight we celebrated with cake and ice cream and played wii. Anyways, overall, it was a really good day. I love you, Michael! You still got it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Need a little help!

I may have already emailed some of you, but I am trying to get some info on what people want in a photographer. So if you have a minute, can you take a quick survey for me? Here is the link:


A good day in church

Ryan actually took a nap before church yesterday. What does that mean? That he actually sat during sacrament meeting and was a sweet, well-behaved little boy the whole time. It was awesome. That hasn't happened pretty much since he started walking at 9 month old. So, anyways, when we were getting out of the car and heading into church, I was holding Ryan's hand in the parking lot and he looked up at me and said, "Oh mommy, you are holding my hand so nicely! Thank you for holding my hand! It's not too tight, and it feels nice." Then my purse slid down off my arm and he said, "Oh, oh, I will fix the problem with your purse, don't worry mommy. I will fix it." Then he slid it up a little on my arm and said. "I fixed your problem, mommy!" Then we walked up to the doors and he ran ahead and said, "Don't open the door mommy! I will open it for you! Don't get it, ok? Wait for me to open it!" He was such a sweet boy, it just brought a huge smile to my face. Yay for Ryan! Yay for naps!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ryan Helps Make Stroganoff

We were all cooking dinner together tonight, making beef stroganoff.

Ryan was helping by stiring the sour cream, cream of mushroom soup and milk together. He is a somewhat erratic and enthusiastic stirrer,to say the least. He managed to coat the whole side of my finger with sour cream.

When we were done mixing everything together he said "Daddy, I'm sorry I got your finger dirty. Do you want me to lick it?" Thanks though!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stoplight Banana

Ryan likes to say "Red means stop, green means go, yellow means CAUTION" whenever he sees a stoplight.

This morning he and I were making French toast in the kitchen and he loudly declared "THERE'S A CAUTION BANANA!".

Yes, it was yellow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just for Janny

Janny, Michael's aunt, sent Calvin these awesome Packer jammies a while ago. Thanks, Janny! They are so snuggly and warm, and Calvin LOVES them.

Oh, and NEWSFLASH, EVERYONE: RYAN IS FUNNY. On Monday we sat down like a good little family and had a Family Home Evening song and lesson. We asked Ryan what song we should sing, and he asked for "the welcome song". So I said, "Do you mean the 'hello, hello we welcome you today' song from nursery?" And he said "No." So, since I could only think of one other church song that has the word "welcome" in it, I asked, "Do you mean 'Welcome, welcome, sabbath morning'?" And he said, "Yes, that's the one." Who knows where he gets this stuff? In addition, last night when Calvin went to bed, we were still up with Ryan, and we asked him what special activity he would like to do with just mommy and daddy, and he said "Sanding". He then got out the sandpaper and 3 blocks of wood, and so we all sat on the kitchen floor and sanded. WOOHOO!

Oh and, P.S., there are a million posts below, so have fun reading (or, rather, looking since they are mostly pictures.).

Finally the rest of our Yellowstone pictures!

Yay! I finally am posting the rest of our Yellowstone pictures. So, this Elk was HUGE. We got probably within 20 feet of it before the park rangers evacuated everyone from the area. Those antlers look much more menacing in person.

We made it down to Old Faithful. Unfortunately, Ryan was very tired and kind of mad about being outside again, so he wasn't too impressed, so the best picture of him with Old Fatihful is from the back.

This shows the grumpy Ryan face. but Luke looks pretty happy!

Gigantic bison. Just really huge.

This geyser spot in the park was beautiful. I loved all the mist and colors.

Here's the Barringer gang.

Calvin enjoying the sights from the stroller.

That's one happy Luke.

And one happy Ryan:

Ryan loved running around after Luke. They had a lot of fun together.

Another bison picture!

Ken and the boys.

Ryan had a good time running around and did a good job trying to care about nature.

Me and Ryan.

Look! A mud pot!


At the end of September, before AnnaMarie and Tyler went back to Wisconsin, we all took a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese in honor of Ryan pooping on the potty 10 times during the few weeks that AnnaMarie watched him during the day. We all had a great time, so thanks AnnaMarie and Tyler!
AnnaMarie showing Ryan the ropes:

AnnaMarie looks like she's having a great time...

Ryan wasn't actually half bad at this stomp the spider game:

Calvin and Katie getting chummy:

Calvin bravely withstanding the Katie kisses:

We miss you guys!

Long lost pictures from the Walton family visit

Hey everybody, I finally cleared off my memory cards and have some great pictures from our Walton family get together. Enjoy!

Calvin finally got to meet his Aunt Danica and Aunt Kelly. Here he is snuggling Danica!

James got in on the Walton family action, too. Doesn't Calvin look so content?

We went to the trampoline gym with mom, dad and grandpa and Vicki. Grandpa, Vicki and Dad sat on the sidelines, but not Mom!

Kelly embracing her inner pom girl:

Calvin even got in on the jumping action:

Mom really had a good time:

Luke and Ryan bouncing around:

Ryan getting some air:

Grandma helping Ev navigate the trampolines:

Aw, Kelly, you are cute!

Aw, Dad, you are cute too!

Could life get any better for Ryan? Grandma and Cowie in the same picture?

Grandpa Balcom's 80th birthday party was a success! Here he is ready to blow out his candles:

What party of Grandpa's would be complete without some harmonica action?

Luke and Grandpa doing a little improv.

Grandpa and his girls:

The whole family:

Grandpa and Vicki:

Calvin playing with Grandpa:

Very happy Evelyn:

My lovely middle sis:

Grandpa and his great grandkids:

Ev getting some piano lessons:

Our trip to the fossil mining place--Kelly and Luke having fun:

Ryan taking it to the mountain:

It's a hammer-wielding party:

Kelly taking a stroll with Ryan and Ev:

Kelly getting some Calvin snuggles:

Danica on the trilabyte hunt:

Apparently the water bottle was a hot commodity:

Dad was definitely in his element, complete with hat:

My lovely oldest sis:

Ryan is a cute kid:

Luke was actually pretty good at finding trilabytes:

More updates to come soon!