Sunday, September 21, 2008

Calvin vs. the Popsicle

Calvin loves popsicles. Michael found this out a couple of weeks ago when he gave Calvin a little taste and then realized he had created a monster. He just gets so excited and just tries so hard to get more. It is pretty funny, so we decided to share the love. So here is a (long) clip of Calvin enjoying one.

And here are some recent pictures, too.

Michael showing the boys how to write some code:

Katie wearing the moose hat:

Ryan and Tyler being goofy:

Our son, the dinosaur. Note the coordinating shirt:


Kelly said...

Um, I love this! I love the video!

Alison said...

hey caroline, it's alison lacey. mane, ryan says some funny things! i especially like the comment about the lamanites and the milk! email me and i will invite you to view our blog