Sunday, August 17, 2008

Funny Ryan sayings and a video...

So Ryan has been a funny kid lately--I know, shocking--so I thought I would post a couple of my recent favorites.

We were driving in the car near the Provo City Power complex and Ryan saw the two big smoke stacks. So he says to me "Oh wow! There are two really really big....CONES! I mean, there are two really really big...THINGS! I mean...I don't know WHAT those are!" I was cracking up.

The other day, Calvin was laying on the living room floor and Ryan was running around the living room throwing a kickball. Calvin started crying for some reason and Ryan ran over to him and said, "Oh, are you scared Calvin? It's ok, I am just throwing things."

Lately Ryan has been loving to pretend things. Last night he started saying "pretend prayers" while our friends Brian, Diane and Jared were over. He knelt down and folded his arms and told everyone to close their eyes and said "Dear Heavenly Father, thank thee for this day, thank thee that I could fall down at the hospital and cry two times. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Then he asked everyone individually if they had closed their eyes for the prayer.

We love our silly little boy!

So here is a random video I found from the end of June.

I ran out of memory halfway through Ryan's song, but this first half is priceless!

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Sharesa Larsen said...

Amazingly cute! Your boys are the cutest and I miss hearing Ryan's funny sayings daily!