Monday, August 18, 2008

And I thought we were already experiencing the terrible twos. Silly me.

Ok. I have been home not going to school for about a week now. It has been lovely. I have been kindly overlooking Ryan's new stint of not listening very well, trying to be patient...until now. I love my silly little boy, as I said in the last post, but I think he is really driving me crazy. See exhibit no. 1.

Exhibit No. 1

If you feel sorry for him because of the really sad face he is making, then he has fooled you too! I suppose this is actually our fault for storing a costco-sized toilet paper package under his bed, but as Michael said earlier "We thought we had an understanding..." HA! That's a good one! Anyways, so he unwrapped almost all of the rolls in the whole pack and then unrolled a few of them, too. I would think it was funny, had it not been for the ENTIRE day of not listening to me and talking back every time I asked him or told him to do something. You know it had to be bad if we took away Cowie and said he couldn't have him for a week. Seriously.

Then, to top it off, he seemed a little hungry before bed, so I took him back to the kitchen to have some apple sauce, only to have the entire bowl end up on the floor. And the table. And the counter. And the dishwasher. I forgot to check the ceiling...

It's not like he hasn't had a fun day, either. A 3-year old friend came over to play today and he had the time of his life! Then he got to make rice krispy treats with me. Then he got to eat said treats. I don't know what to do with this kid. I'm thinking we are just going to have to give him a whole lot of time outs in the next few days. Wow, parenting.


Amber said...

Oh my heavens. What a stinker. I can't believe Cowie is gone for a week--will he survive? Almost poor kid...almost because that really is naughty :)
sidebar, we got your card--thanks!
I hope we get to see you when we're there!

Angela said...

Ha ha, this entry makes me laugh- it is sooo my life! Welcome to life with independent-minded boys! You'll definitely have your share of those moments- some days I'm ready to give my boys away to grandma (for a few days anyway). But then you'll have times with them where you love them more than anything! Boys are just busy, wait till Calvin gets older and you have two sneaky minds working together. Just try to enjoy the moments- as frustrating as they can be. Pretty soon even you'll look back and laugh at that picture (just like the rest of us...;) You're awesome!

Caity said...

Oh man, that is a lot of toilet paper. I totally have days like that! Sometimes I think it's my kids mission in life to send mommy to live with the crazies :) You're doing a great job!

Mary said...

Oh dear. I hope he at least helped clean it up. :)