Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why yes I am a very perceptive mother, why do you ask?

So, I took the boys over to my parents' house to do some pictures in their back yard today. I thought it was time I had some more professionalish looking pictures of Calvin and of the boys together. So I got them all dressed and we went over to my parents' house. As soon as we got there Ryan was just being totally grumpy and didn't want to go outside but wasn't happy staying inside and just couldn't make up his mind about anything and was just a pill the whole time. I managed to coax a couple of smiles out of him by yelling words he finds hilarious like "Spigot!" and "Squelch!" But the rest of the time he would just stare me down and say "Goodbye, camera." That part was actually pretty funny.

Anyways, I finally sat him down inside and held him on my lap so I could talk to him and figure out why he was being so testy. Well, as soon as I held him on my lap I realized what was wrong. The kid was burning up with a fever, and upon closer inspection I could see that his eyes were all glazed-over with that "I am sick" look. So needless to say I felt really bad for dragging him around for an hour trying to make him smile and hold Calvin. But after a dose of Ibuprofen, a nap, some orange juice and fruit snacks, he now feels much better. Sometimes I honestly think having two kids makes you space out a lot more frequently. Like yesterday, I was getting in the car with Ryan and Calvin and I let Ryan climb up into his seat by himself while I put Calvin in. Then I got in and turned on the car and put it in gear and RYan said, "Um, Mom?" And I said "Yes, Ryan?" (kind of annoyed because his questions usually aren't grounded in reality at all) and then he said "Could you please buckle me in and shut my door?" HA! Some kids just want it all...

Here are some of the better pictures form our little photo shoot:

And here are just some from hanging out at my parents' house:

Holy spit bubbles. This kid is the spit bubble champion of the world.

This just makes me laugh. Calvin looks even chubbier than usual.

He can (kind of) sit up!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ryan Says

When trying to recite The Fifth Article of Faith (,4945,106-1-2-1,FF.html)

" Prophecy and by the laying on the pants..."

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ryan Says

When my cowie grows up he will be a bishop.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


First off, just thought you all should know, I got my first straight 7 hours of sleep in a VERY long time last week. It was beautiful. Although he hasn't done it again yet...

In other news, we've had some awesome times the last few weeks. We had my brother in law James and our friends Liz and Erik over on the 3rd for a barbecue and entertainment (thank you Ryan and the sprinkler).

On the fourth we went with Abbey and Liz and Erik to take Michael's boat out on Utah lake, but the beaches were mucky and there were a lot of weirdos out, so the boys stayed and the girls (sorry Ryan and Calvin, you guys get lumped with the girls) went to the downtown Provo 4th of July festivities. Later in the evening we went to my parents' house for dinner and fireworks. It was great.

On the 5th we got to watch our little friend Susie Whiting while her parents, our friends Dave and April, attended a sealing in Manti. Susie and RYan played in my parents' back yard and had so much fun together! It was just so cute.

So, here are some pictures that I really love. I'm sorry that there are a million.

Ryan trying to get a drink. Brilliant.

And while I'm at it....

Giving up and wanting me to go fill up his cup:

The boys out in the boat:

Michael and Ryan hanging out on Utah lake:

Calvin and his Aunt Abbey:

Chubby and cute:

Chubby and cuter:

Susie was a good sport...

Ryan looking sultry:

Awwww, hugs.

I just think this one is funny:

Playing in the sandbox:

Hanging out with the drinking fountain:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Old School Time Machine

If you think this blog is a cool place, you should've seen us back in 2005. We were way cooler. We were in Vienna, and blogged about the trips we went on. Don't miss the semi-interactive map!

I found the blog again as I cleaned up our website. There were all sorts of extra files on the server that I should've just gotten rid of in the first place, and there were some things that were fun to the blog.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boys Are Cool

Calvin started giggling yesterday. Abbey, AnnaMarie, Caroline, Ryan and I have all heard it so far. He gets really smiley and wound up then suddenly it sounds like he's crying/squealing. His chubby little face is just so tight with smiles though that it's easy to see that he's happy.

We were about to say family prayers this morning and I asked Ryan who should say it "I will say it by myself" he declared. "Ok, use your loud voice", I told him. He started by himself...

Heavenly Father, Thank you for my Air Conditioner...

He was also thankful for Grandpas, Grandma, Daddy and Mommy and baby brother.