Monday, June 9, 2008

Who wants dessert?

Hey, everybody, here's a shameless plug for any of you who may be in the Provo area. Come to our bake sale! Here's the deal. I am putting on a cooking class for underprivileged kids in the area. I have already taught the class once and we're doing it at least 3 more times this summer. But after doing it once, I realized that it is going to be expensive! So, we are having a bake sale to raise money to pay for it and hopefully be able to continue teaching it. So, please come!

The sale is tomorrow, the 10th, in my front yard (yes, I tried very hard to get a better location, but nobody seems to care about teaching underprivileged kids how to cook around here!). I would feel a little weird putting my address up here, so how about if anyone wants to come and doesn't know where I live, email me at (this is not my regular email, lest you all think I have changed it--this is one I don't care if random blog stalkers get) and I'll let you know. Anyways, it's from noon to 4:00. So please please please come! Thanks!


Lanelle Barber said...

If I lived closer I would have TOTALLY attended. I was with you in spirit.

Mark and Andrea said...

Hey Caroline! It was nice seeing you yesterday. You have such a beautiful family.

Good luck with your cooking class. It sounds super cool!

Caity said...

Sorry I couldn't make it! Really, though what an awesome thing for you to do! I think you deserve a big KUDOS for that! How did it go?