Monday, June 23, 2008

Moore Family Visit!

Michael's family came out to visit us last Tuesday and they had to go home on Sunday. We had so much fun having them. We got to go swimming with the babies, hang out and talk, and go to Moab!

Moab was awesome, even with 3 babies in tow. I've never been before, and it was so much fun to go. On the way down we stopped at Canyonlands National Park and then we hiked around Arches National Park when we got to Moab. We had tin foil dinners and got eaten by the biggest swarm of mosquitos I've ever seen in my life, but it was still fun!

One of the short hikes we did took us into this rock formation that had huge walls and a big sand dune inside. Since the walls were so high, it was nice and cool and shady inside. That was my favorite hike, since we just stayed in there and played around for a long time. Ryan found a stick and was in heaven just poking around in the sand. It was a pretty small stick, and whenever he'd drop it, he'd get down near the ground and yell "Stick! Stick, where are you?" while he tried to find it. What a funny kid.

We had so much fun having everyone here. Abbey is still here, so that's awesome! And, of course, James started at BYU this week, so he is here for good, so that is definitely exciting, too! We miss the rest of you!

Here are some pictures from their visit:

Michael giving Ryan a lift:

Dumping out the remnants of the sand dune from Ryan's shoe:

Ryan under an arch:

Me and Michael, really excited about that rock formation:

Abbey giving Ryan her sunglasses, and a piggy back ride:

Me and Calvin:

Ryan on a log:

Our family:

A very cute Calvin smile for Grandpa and AnnaMarie:

Me and Michael and Ryan, and some more rocks!

I really like this one, they look so happy!

Two cool dudes:


Sharesa Larsen said...

FUN! I am way jealous of your fun little trip, Creed and I need to go sometime soon. I am glad you had fun with everyone! Your family photo is way CUTE!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Aw, we miss you guys! We had so much fun...we'll have to do this at least once a year!