Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Baby Yet...But Lots of Pictures!

And when I say lots of pictures, I am not exaggerating. Sorry, but I have a really hard time deciding which ones to post. Just be grateful that I didn't post all 268 pictures that I took on this trip to Temple Square alone!

So, my sister Kelly and her kids Luke and Evelyn came to visit for a few days, and today we went up to Temple Square to see the sights and enjoy the beautiful 70 degree weather. It was awesome.

Although we were all a little bitter that baby no. 2 didn't make his appearance in time for everyone to meet him (they all flew home this evening), we still had a really fun time together. We went shopping and got pedicures with Sharesa at this great salon/spa place in Pleasant Grove and did lots of other fun things.

So, once again, here are a LOT of pictures from our trip this morning:

Awwww, sisters!

Almost our whole family...We miss you, Danica!

Grandma, Grandpa and the kids, take one:

Take two...

Take three...

Take four...

Ryan hugging his baby brother...sort of...

Ryan sitting with me by some fountains:

Luke looking very handsome:

Michael and Ryan walking by the reflection pool:

Here they are trying to wink at me while I'm taking the picture, but I think they just look like pirates:

Ryan giving Daddy a big smooch:

And hug:

Ryan having a great time riding on Michael's shoulders:

Our family of three (not for long!):

I look like I am about to explode:

I love Ryan's expression in this picture:

And all three of these guys have awesome expressions in this picture:

Check out that reflection!

Evelyn destroying some flowers:

And having a great time on Grandpa's shoulders:

Speaking of having a great time on someone's shoulders, check these out:

Love Michael's expression:

It just doesn't get much better:

Kelly and Luke by the temple:

I really like this one for some reason:

Kelly and the kids:

Kelly and the kids and Evelyn's pretzel:


If only Ryan were looking at the camera, this would be just about perfect:

Luke running as fast as humanly possible for a 4 year old:

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the many many pictures. Wish me luck this week. I am getting impatient.


Sharesa Larsen said...

These pictures are AWESOME! They are all so fun, I love the one of your parents and the kids with you looking up at them, sort-of, you know which one! AWESOME and pedicures were so much fun, we need to do that more often!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Oh, I love all of these pictures. There's no such thing as too many pictures! You have such a beautiful family. I can't wait to see the next member of it!

Sharesa Larsen said...

PS: I LOVE the dress :)

Caity said...

Ahhh, I love your family! I miss you all! I think you are an ADORABLE pregnant mommy!

Also, I have that dress and I'm not pregnant, haha. Oh well, I like it.