Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is That A Basketball In Your Shirt?

I have friends who look like they have a basketball stuffed in their shirt when they're 9 mos pregnant. So I thought this might be funny. But it ended up just being huge.

I'll be 38 weeks this on Tuesday, so really, I would love to have this baby ANY TIME. But I'm pretty sure I'm doomed to huge, late babies and really long 24-hour-end-in-a-c-section deliveries, mostly since my pregnancies have both been so easy, so I must be really in for it for my deliveries. But, a girl can always dream.

So, this week has been a good one. Besides being insanely busy (end of the semester project pile up= lots of fun). On Monday Michael brought home a huge cardboard box from work and for family home evening we made it into a little house for Ryan. He LOVED it. He still wakes up in the mornings really excited to play in the "box house" and is always asking Michael to go in there with him. So here are some pictures from all the fun:

Ryan and Michael showing off their markers:

Me and Ryan in the box:

Me getting a big smooch:

Michael and Ryan having fun inside:

Peeking out of the smiley face:

All 3 of us fit in this box! Can you believe it?

Having a great time:

I just love this picture:

He really really liked it. Success!

And the ice cream bars for dessert didn't hurt:

These pictures are form yesterday when I was working on homework all day in between conference sessions and Michael and Ryan were playing with playdough. Ryan put these two colors together and said "They're hugging!" What a nut. This is his method of using cookie cutters--smushing the dough as hard as he can into the shapes.

Anyways, with any luck, the next time I post it will be with pictures of baby number 2. But I'm not holding my breath....


ThePalmers said...

If holding my breath would help this baby come sooner, I might consider it. But it probably is not a great idea! I hope you have an easy easy delivery. You deserve it!

Kev said...

Cool box fort!

Thanks for commenting on my fmaily blog too!

Lanelle Barber said...

Hey Caroline! I envy those basketball shaped tummies too. You can only tell they are expecting when they turn sideways. What's up with that?? It's not natural! I'm more of a swollen blimp type of pregnant person. =) I like your box fort too, very cool. Good luck on your upcoming delivery and bundle of joy!

P.S. I have a blog too now -

Sharesa Larsen said...

I am still praying for that early delivery for you, but who knows what the Lord has planned. I love the box fort, if Michael finds another huge box let us know! We could use one at our house.

Kendra said...

Awesome blog, and cool house! Check out our blog: