Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hospital Room Photo Shoot

Today I decided to set up a little photo shoot for Calvin right here in our hospital room. It's amazing what you can do with a boppy pillow, some white sheets and a little sunlight!

Love the mohawk.

And here's the comb-over version:

I just love this sleepy one:

Oreos! Wow!

A Calvin-sized laptop:


Tiny feet:

Yummy hands:

Sweet little angel:

Looking like a little T-rex:

We love our little guy!


Nancy said...

Oh Caroline, he is so darling. And Oreos- thats what I'm talkin about. Congrats!

Mary said...

He is adorable! Great photo shoot. What hospital are you at? Are you accepting visits from friends? I totally want to see all of you!

Jules said...

Hey Caroline!
Calvin is so precious! I think he totally has a future in modeling! :)

Caity said...

Those are so sweet! I love the ones with the laptop and oreos. Funny stuff.

Lanelle Barber said...

Caroline congratulations! He is such a sweetheart. And you are a wonderful photographer. Best wishes to you both! (and your husband too I guess) =)

janaemadsen said...

congratulations- what a cute and photogenic baby!