Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

So it's been another crazy week at the Moore household. As if MBA school and Michael's undergrad and full-time job weren't enough to keep us busy, it's the stake/regional basketball tournament for my ward's womens' team so we played Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today. And we still aren't done. Let's just be glad that I didn't have any games for my BYU intramural team this week...And if you all think the sight of an 8-month-pregnant lady playing basketball sounds hillarious, you're probably right. That is why I am not posting any pictures of the action.

So after having practically no time together as a family all week, we took some time tonight to do sidewalk chalk drawings on our driveway. Here are some pics:

Here's Ryan excited about his chalk:

Here's Michael and Ryan coloring away:

Ryan getting some green chalk for Michael:

Here's our family outlines....Michael decorated me as a bow and arrow holding, skateboard riding cowboy (maybe?) with a WWF belt buckle. I decorated him (somewhat less creatively) as a figure skater wearing a tutu. We're not really sure yet what Ryan will be, so he's blank...

And here are a few un-chalk-related pictures, just because I think they are cute:

Ryan getting ready to go out on the town with mom:

Ryan loves this antique typewriter we have. He likes pulling up his flipped-over lego bucket and typing just like Michael does at his computer.

Ryan also loves playhouses, as you can tell from his expression:

And here's Ryan pretending to sleep (very convincingly) while Michael snuggles him on his bed:

And here he is giving up and smiling for the camera:


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

I love your chalk drawings! And I love the fake-sleeping ones. He must get his fake-sleeping skills from Christy & Abbey...I have some funny pictures of them with big grins on their faces from when they were little. I can't wait to see you guys! How's Calvin coming along?

Mary said...

Cute, cute pictures! Margaret just discovered the wonders of sidewalk chalk.

ThePalmers said...

What a cute family!!!! I just wish there were more pictures of you cute and pregnant. How come all other pregnant ladies are so cute by the way, and I just feel so... uncute? Do you ever feel like that? And it looks like you guys already have a name picked out from AnnaMarie's comment. Calvin? Well, he is sure to be a cutie! We of course do NOT have a name picked out since Brandt refuses to talk about it. How are you feeling? I think pregnancy finally hit me this week. I am pretty exhausted even after getting 10 hours of sleep each night and a nap... oh well. 37 weeks is full term right? 2.5 weeks here I come! You with me?!?!? Actually that would probably be bad for you and school. You better go the whole 40 weeks and be done with finals! I miss you!

Love, Amber