Sunday, March 23, 2008

The day Ryan has been waiting for...

So, notice anything different about our happy little boy?

No? Take a closer look. How about now?

Still nothing? How about now?

Today is the day Ryan has been waiting for for a very long time. That's right, today we found Ryan's very first freckle (check it out, lower left side of the picture). Ryan has been obsessed with freckles ever since he discovered last year that I have them on my arms, legs and face. He immediately started giving himself freckles with crayons, pens, markers, whatever he could find. And then for days after drawing one on, even long after it had been washed off, if you asked him where his freckle was, he would remember right where he had drawn it and pretend it was still there. Well, we are now happy to report that Ryan is now the proud owner of his very own freckle. Three of them, in fact (there is also one on his knee and one up by his hair on his forehead that we have discovered). He was pretty excited when we showed it to him in the mirror. Just another perk to a great Easter!

Happy Easter!

Well Happy Easter, everybody!

We had a great day today, mostly because Ryan slept in until 9:00--this is unheard of at our house. So this coupled with the fact that last night was the first time in a very long time that I actually slept comfortably made it one incredible night, and I felt absolutely great today! Since we had such a wonderfully late start to the morning, the Easter Bunny didn't come until we went over to my parents' house for dinner after church at 4:00, when Michael and I finally assembled our eggs for Ryan and hid them in the back yard. It was a beautiful 60 to 65 degrees outside and Ryan had fun looking for all of eggs and putting them in his basket. He even waited until we were inside to open them, which was definitely his favorite part. And to top off the day, he wasn't even grumpy at church despite the fact that he didn't nap at all and he went to bed (and I mean no noise sleeping soundly) by 7:00. What a great Easter!

I needed a little bit of a lazy day after this week. Not only was it a pretty crazy week with school, but we played our ward basketball tournament games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the last of which we finally lost, landing us 2nd place in a 9-stake regional tournament. But we had lots of fun! To top off the week, I agreed to do some pro bono photography work for my friend who is the creator of the Whitney Award (a new literary award for LDS authors) for their awards banquet last night, which was fun, but mostly just meant I was on my feet in heels running around for 3 and a half hours. Let me tell you, after the weekend of bball and then the 3 and a half hours of heels, plus heels at church, I am feeling it today!

So, I will be 36 weeks officially tomorrow, and I am so ready to get this kid out. Really. Any time is FINE with me. I had a c-section last time with Ryan, but I think I am going to try the VBAC this time and see how it goes. Which is another reason why I really want to go into labor early. I figure that's my only shot at a normal sized child (Ryan was 9 lbs 8 oz and they're supposed to get bigger...). But we'll see what happens. I had my 36 week check up on Friday and the doctor checked me, but I am only 1 cm dialated and not really effaced at all. So, this is probably all just wishful thinking! But hey, a girl can dream.

Well, here are some pictures of our Easter festivities and of Ryan's latest swimming lesson. You'll notice that he is having a lot more fun in these pictures than in the last ones. Way to go, buddy!

Our happy little family on Easter:

My parents enjoying the lovely weather:

Putting an egg in the basket:

Getting some help from Daddy:

Finding an egg...

Michael stealing all of Ryan's goodies:


Getting squirted:

My gigantic belly as I watched swim lessons:

Jumping in! This was a little scary for him:

Happy boy with a kickboard:

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

So it's been another crazy week at the Moore household. As if MBA school and Michael's undergrad and full-time job weren't enough to keep us busy, it's the stake/regional basketball tournament for my ward's womens' team so we played Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today. And we still aren't done. Let's just be glad that I didn't have any games for my BYU intramural team this week...And if you all think the sight of an 8-month-pregnant lady playing basketball sounds hillarious, you're probably right. That is why I am not posting any pictures of the action.

So after having practically no time together as a family all week, we took some time tonight to do sidewalk chalk drawings on our driveway. Here are some pics:

Here's Ryan excited about his chalk:

Here's Michael and Ryan coloring away:

Ryan getting some green chalk for Michael:

Here's our family outlines....Michael decorated me as a bow and arrow holding, skateboard riding cowboy (maybe?) with a WWF belt buckle. I decorated him (somewhat less creatively) as a figure skater wearing a tutu. We're not really sure yet what Ryan will be, so he's blank...

And here are a few un-chalk-related pictures, just because I think they are cute:

Ryan getting ready to go out on the town with mom:

Ryan loves this antique typewriter we have. He likes pulling up his flipped-over lego bucket and typing just like Michael does at his computer.

Ryan also loves playhouses, as you can tell from his expression:

And here's Ryan pretending to sleep (very convincingly) while Michael snuggles him on his bed:

And here he is giving up and smiling for the camera:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ryan's First Swimming Lesson!

Well, yesterday Ryan had his very first swimming lesson. He loves the water, and was really excited to go yesterday. He was running around saying "I am going to swim like Nemo!" But once he and Michael hit the pool and Ryan figured out that he was going to have to kick his legs, use his arms, and put his fact in the water, he didn't love it quite as much as he did when he thought that going swimming meant having someone hold you and play with you the whole time. The look on his face for most of the time was something like "Wait, this isn't swimming! This is WORK!" But all in all, he still had fun and did a good job. Here are some pics from the outing:

Michael and Ryan sharing some pool smiles:

Ryan feeling a little unsure about this leg kicking thing...

Getting the hang of it...

Sort of having fun:

I just think this one is cute:

Really trying hard to get that duck:


I'm sick of swimming, just hold me!

Does it look like Michael was having a little more fun than Ryan?