Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, Ryan had another funny moment last night. First of all, let me just say that he is obsessed with sprinkles, as in the ones that go on top of ice cream and doughnuts. So, he was sitting on his bed wearing some footie pajamas while we were reading scriptures with him. He had his hands on his legs and was looking at them and then all of a sudden he got very upset and started yelling "Sprinkles! I have sprinkles on my legs! I HAVE TOE SPRINKLES!" He was referring to the little balls of fuzz that accumulate on those fleecy footie pajamas when you wash them a few times. He was so worried about having sprinkles on his legs and especially toes that he tried to strip himself down right then and there, probably just to make sure that the problem wasn't extending to his real legs and toes! We tried to convince him that jammie sprinkles were ok, but he was still pretty worried about it.

Here's a picture of me and Ryan, for good measure. He insisted on wearing two ties.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Photo Shoot Part Two: The Many Faces of Ryan




Photo Shoot

So, since today is a holiday and I don't have school, I thought briefly about taking Ryan in to Kiddie Candids for a 2nd b-day portrait. But then I thought, "wait, I am a photographer." So, Ryan and I were going to go to the Provo Library in hopes of finding a nice, colorful kids reading area where we could do some pictures. Well, the library was closed. So, we ended up wandering around campus for his 2-year-old-portraits, and here is what we ended up with (well, my favorite 7 from the 131 that I took). We may have to do more later. He was a little on the grumpy side for most of it...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Two years ago on Tuesday little Ryan finally decided to grace us with his presence, and life has never been the same since! Besides being your typical spunky, always-on-the-go boy, Ryan has been such a sweet, loving and fun addition to our family. I love how he usually tries so hard to listen to me, especially when I make my "you're hurting mommy's feelings" face. Like when he makes loud obnoxious noises and I ask him to please make happy noises instead and he says, "La la la, I love you Mommy!" Michael and I can't imagine life without him. We love our crazy little boy!

Ryan's birthday this year turned out to be great. We woke Ryan up with a big balloon and some orange rolls and we played around a bit before we had to head off to school and to Sharesa's house. Michael picked him up from Sharesa's and brought him to pick me up from school around 3 and then we played for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to get ready for his "party", which basically consisted of about 6 adults, one 16 month old and one 3 month old. But Ryan loved being the center of attention, as usual, and having everyone sing to him and especially loved opening all the presents. We did more video than picture taking, but we did get a few good ones:

Ryan's birthday cake....let me explain....
While trying to think of what to decorate Ryan's birthday cake to look like, I tried really hard to think of his favorite things. And honestly, nothing excited Ryan more than elevators. He loves to push the buttons and go up and down...and up...and down...forever...

So, this is actually an elevator birthday cake. Ignore the fact that my frosting turned out really wierd and grainy. It's ok, he didn't mind.

Ryan getting tickles from Grandma and Grandpa Walton.

Our friends Erik and Liz gave Ryan the coolest present ever--a dinosaur hat and slippers that roar when you shake your head and stomp. Ryan had a great time with these...then he started getting worried...

Ryan with his elevator cake mustache. He was getting tired by this point.

These are actually pictures from today. Ryan and Michael were making towers with the new block set Ryan got from his Grandpa Moore and aunts and uncles. He loves them! Especially the green ones...

And here's another one from Sunday that I forgot to post before. I just love this picture!

We had a fun Valentine's day yesterday. We went out to lunch instead of dinner, which turned out to be the right choice, since we were just going to go out to dinner and bring Ryan, but he ended up being sick and throwing up his dinner...all over our living room floor...so, I'm glad we did lunch just the two of us instead! Ryan asked Sarah (Sharesa's little girl) to be his valentine (ok, it was in a valentine that I "helped" him make, but the crayon scribbles were all him), so we'll see how that turns out for him. We had a great time together at home watching Milo and Otis and eating the yummy Valentine's day treats we got from Grandma and Grandpa Walton until Ryan got sick, but that didn't really ruin my night, since Michael heroically volunteered to clean it up.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day, too!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A couple more Chicago pictures!

Thanks to my sis for posting these on her blog--I didn't have them on my camera!

Kelly, a pregnant me, and my mom!

Me and Kelly

Surprise! More Funny Ryan Stories!

Here's a shocker--Ryan said some more funny things. Yesterday Michael was at school working on a project and Ryan and I were here at home. Ryan was running around playing in the living room and asked if he could use my cell phone. I said yes, so he proceeded to "call" Michael at school. His pretend conversation with Michael went as follows:

"Hey there Daddy! What are you doing today?

Are you riding your scooter Daddy? Fun!


How was your day at work, Daddy?

I love you, Daddy! I love you so much!

Ok, talk to you later!"

I was laughing pretty hard, especially at the part where he asked Michael if he was riding his scooter and then said "Fun!" He used the exact same intonation that I use when I'm trying to sound especially interested in what Ryan is saying. He's such a funny boy. A little while after the pretend conversation with Michael, he was running around again saying pretty ridiculous things. My favorite one was "Kelly lives in Minnesota, not Motosota!" Who knows where he gets this stuff!

In other news, I spent last weekend in Chicago with my mom, dad and sister. It was a girls' weekend plus Dad, but since he was sick in his hotel room pretty much the whole time (poor guy!), it was pretty much just a girls' weekend. It was really fun. We got to go see Wicked (it was so good!), got manicures and pedicures, ate at yummy restaurants and did a little shopping. It was fun to share a hotel room with Kelly and be silly like we were when we were kids. We all had a great time!

In other other news, Ryan finally got his long overdue haircut this week. He now looks a little more like a productive member of society. We also got him his first suit coat (thanks, D.I.) and did a little Jr. Missionary photo shoot. Also, last night Ryan slept over at Grandma and Grandpa's house, which meant we got to go out to dinner, and come home and actually get some work done. The biggest bonus, though, was that when he came home this morning he actually wanted to snuggle me! I think the last time he wanted to snuggle me was when he was, like, 6 months old. Thanks mom and dad, you guys are the best!

And, in other other other news, I am getting way more pregnant. Ryan wants his baby brother to be named Francisco, but I think we are leaning towards Calvin Mark at the moment. This was the big dilemma with names--we both really like Calvin for the first name and I want to name his middle name after my Dad (Mark Alan). Michael really really likes Calvin Alan, but I don't like ti because is practically rhymes, which really bothers me. It makes people want to say "Calvin Alvin". Calvin Mark isn't my favorite either, since Mark and Moore are both monosyllabic and that bugs me too. But not as much as Calvin Alan. Anyways, I still really like Calvin as a first name better than any of the other names we've come across, so for now, that may be what it is. Only time will tell...

As usual, here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Here are some pictures of Ryan's Jr. Missionary photo shoot:

Me and Ryan sharing a hug:

Ryan making his first move on a girl (his friend Bella Parente):

Ryan before his haircut:

Ryan and his best (and ugliest) friend in the whole world, Cowie:

Me, mom and Kelly shopping at H&M in Chicago:

Me, Kelly, Mom and Dad outside of the Ford Theater where we saw Wicked:

Hope everyone is doing well!