Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Week in Minneapolis

Well, Ryan and I just got back from spending a fun-filled week visiting my sister Kelly and her two kids in Minneapolis. Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a 3 day MBA school break, I only had to miss one day of classes. Kelly, for those of you who don't know, is one fabulous ER doc and ended up being scheduled to do evening shifts from 2pm to midnight this week while Ken was out of town on business, so officially I came to "babysit the kids", but it was really just an excuse to come enjoy a week of winter wonderland (45 below windchill) fun! We had a great time!

Kelly and I got to shop the sales at the Mall of America where I finally settled upon a going home from the hospital outfit for baby no. 2 (names are a sensitive subject for me right now, so all we have is a number), all for only $7! By the way, for those of you who don't know, it will be another bouncing baby boy. Anyways, we also got to enjoy Kelly's Lifetime Fitness membership and guest passes and go to a cycling class, some other kind of crazy tae-bo type class, weight training, hot tub (feet only for me--not only is it not safe to hot-tub while pregnant, but the idea of a pregnant me in a not-meant-for-pregnant-people swimsuit sounded not as fun...), and all the time in the world to enjoy the eucalyptus-scented showers and get ready without worrying about the kids (they have a child care center there at the gym). Besides that, we baked and ate way too many treats, hung out in our jammies, and even took the kids bowling and to see the national figure-skating women's short program championships. It was some great sister time.

Ryan loved playing with Luke and Evelyn. Luke is a spirited four year old who loves to be heard and Evelyn is a very happy, easy one year old who loves to eat. Ryan liked helping feed Evelyn and especially liked playing with Luke and trying to keep up with whatever he was doing.

Ryan has always been a very flexible sleeper and traveller and has never been bothered by being away from his own room or bed, but for the first few nights we were at Kelly's he just would not fall asleep. I thought I tried everything, until a few nights into our stay he finally asked me for a pillow, at which point I felt how uncomfortable the bottom of his pack and play was, and I felt so bad for him! Poor kid! As soon as he got that pillow he was out like a light and never had a problem falling asleep again the whole time we were there. One morning he was especially funny. This is after he had the pillow and was sleeping well again. He has had some problems with eating toothpaste lately--at our house, my in-laws house, Sharesa's house, you name it, so we have been drilling in the notion that "we don't eat toothpaste." So, this one particular morning this week, I was sitting on the couch outside of the room where Ryan was sleeping and hadn't heard him wiggle or anything, so he was dead asleep. Then all of a sudden he goes from dead asleep to yelling at the top of his lungs "WE DON'T EAT TOOTHPASTE! WE DON'T EAT TOOTHPASTE!" I guess we drilled him enough to work that thought way deep down into his subconsious. I wish I knew what he was dreaming about...

Another funny Ryan story happened while he was taking a bath with Evelyn. I had them in Kelly's big jacuzzi tub and I was holding onto Evleyn since she had a tendency to dive head first for things she wants. She was pretty wiggly, so I decided to throw he baby tub in the big tub and put her in that for some added support. Well, one look at that and Ryan was pretty sure he was getting the short end of the stick and kept telling me that he wanted to "get in the boat" and was pretty upset when I told him that there wasn't any room for him in there with Evelyn. Well eventually I got Evelyn out and was drying her off and putting on her diaper there in the bathroom while Ryan finished his bath and sure enough I look up to see him sitting quite contentedly in the baby bathtub inside of the big bathtub, saying "I'm sitting in the boat!"

Anyways, we had a great week. Thanks for having us, Kelly! Here are a few pictures form our adventures:

Here's Luke going bowling...he figured out how to throw it into the gutter all by himself!

Here's Ryan trying to one point the ball actually rolled back down the lane to us.

Here are the boys sharing a victory hug.

Luke and Ryan playing at Kelly's house.

Nice headband, Luke.

Ryan and Evelyn playing together.

Ryan looking too cool with his hands in his pockets.

Looking a little less cool with his cheesy grin...

Playing out in the snow on our last day there when it reached a balmy 20 degrees.

Luke enjoyed it a little more than Ryan did...

Except for when it came to eating snow.

Ryan after we took off his hat. It's almost a flock of seagulls sort of hair do he's got going on here...

And a picture of him at our house in his moose hat, for good measure.


ThePalmers said...

Caroline- I sure miss hanging out with you! It is so fun to read the stories about your family's adventures. Why are you having baby name problems? I am sure you will think of the perfect name in time- you still have a few months! Ok remind me- you are due on April 22? That is when I am due... maybe you are before? Well, I loved that post!

akdoxey said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm sure Kelly really appreciated your help. I think I'm in need of some good sister time.

How far along are you?

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

I love this post! Ryan is so hilarious! I miss you!