Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Christmas Break and a Cute Story

Hey all. I guess it's been a while since I posted, so I should probably cover our Christmas break festivities. But first, I wanted to tell a cute story from today. In sacrament meeting to make Ryan sit quietly, we often ask him "Ryan, what do you know about Jesus?" Which usually works for about 15 seconds while he says he either loves Jesus or Jesus loves him. Well this morning Ryan was holding his favorite toy, Cowie, while Michael and I were in the living room with him. He was just playing and then stopped for a minute and looked down at Cowie and said "What do you know about Jesus, Cowie? I will help Cowie say a prayer." And then he folded Cowie's arms for him and bowed his head. It was just so cute. Yesterday was one of those days when it seemed like he didn't listen to me at all, so it was especially nice to feel like he really does listen to me and is learning the important least sometimes.

OK, so Christmas break was very nice. I survived finals, snuck in some wedding photography to make a little extra money and then we headed back east for one and a half days with my family in Minneapolis at Kelly's house and then went to visit Michael's family for a week in upper Michigan. We had such a great time! Here are some pictures of our adventures. Sorry, there are a LOT of them!

OK, so here are some from my family. Most of these aren't even of Ryan. Since I couldn't get over how big and cute my niece Evelyn is getting, I had to take a lot of pictures of her.

Evelyn adores her Aunt Danica.

And here's Evelyn with Grandpa

And Evelyn with Michael. I just love the face she is making in this one.

And with Michael again.

Ryan and Luke playing with some early Christmas presents.

And now we move on to our trip to see Michael's family in Ironwood!

Here's Ryan very excited before going downstairs on Christmas morning.

And here's Ryan waiting to go downstairs with cousin Katie and uncles James and Benjamin.

Ryan LOVED opening presents this year (once we distracted him from the candy) and helped almost everyone open theirs. He had a hard time waiting his turn through 12 people.

Here's Ryan with the elephant towel he got from Grandpa Moore.

The whole Moore gang.

Here's cousin Katie in a really big stocking.

Katie and I are getting a little impatient for dinner.

Ryan loved playing the piano with Grandpa Moore and his aunts.

Here's Ryan about to give Katie a kiss on the head.

Ryan and Katie with their Great Grandpa Moore (Papa)

We all loved playing in all the snow, and Ironwood had lots of it! Here's our little family.

Ryan's first attempt at a snow angel, which he didn't like very much.

Here we are sledding with Aunts Christy and Abbey.

Ryan being pulled in a sled.

I really like this one of Michael and Ryan.

Michael, Christy and Ryan in a sled.

Me and Ryan going down the hill.

Abbey and Ryan.

Abbey helping Ryan get all his snow stuff off.

Here's Ryan helping take down the Christmas decorations.

And here he is wearing Grandpa's boots and showing off his belly.

Michael and Great Grandma Moore.

Abbey and Papa playing the Wii. He was actually pretty good!

In fact, here he is beating Abbey!

Well, it was a very very fun break and we were so happy to see all of our family members. Everyone from my family was in Minneapolis when we were there, and Michael's whole family was home for Christmas while we were there. Ryan loved playing with his aunts and uncles and cousins and we had a great time. Now we're back in school and at work and missing those carefree Christmas break days!


Caity said...

It sounds busy but fun! I'm glad you got a break and some time in with both of your families. That story of Ryan is just so cute!

Mary said...

Fun! Ryan sounds like so much fun. We need to get him and Margaret together.

akdoxey said...

caroline, I don't have your email address so here's my number, hopefully you'll get this


~D Spack~ said...

Caroline: Diane Spackman here~~
I just read some of your blog - funny --embarrassing thing...You all look so great. It's fun to see you. Your mom is so cute. Please if you get up this way come say hello or call or anything. We'll watch for baby news. Tell your mom hi.
~D Spack~