Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tagernagle and Prophets Singing

--Michael again :)

General Conference was last weekend, and Ryan learned a couple of things from it.

We watched Saturday sessions at the inlaws house and let Ryan run around and play in the living room. From time to time we would stop him and tell him "That's the prophet speaking" or "That's an apostle speaking". It didn't really seem like he was listening, but that was OK because he's only 19 months.

Sunday we watched it online on our computer. Every time Ryan would wander over by the computer he would say 'Prophet' when he saw someone speaking -- no matter who it was. (We tried to tell him, 'no, that one isn't a prophet'...but he didn't get it).

We decided to have him listen to the last few minutes of Presiden Hinkley's closing remarks. He was in a pretty good mood and didn't mind sitting there with us. We explained that it was the Prophet speaking. He said 'Prophet'. So far so good.

Then came the tabernacle choir. "Singing" he said as they started. He proceeded to wave his arms around like the conductor.

We said "Do you hear the tablernacle choir singing?".


"Yes, Tabernacle"

Part way through the song, they panned across the mens section of the choir. Ryan became visibly excited and exclaimed "Prophets singing!".

This whole week he's been asking for "Tagernagle" and "Prophets singing". So we play him videos from Youtube of President Hinkley speaking and the Tabernacle Choir singing.

Usually he'll just watch for a minute or two and say "tagernagle" or "prophet", but yesterday he was feeling silly. In the middle of the song, he says "poke singing!" and starts poking the computer screen.

What a nut.

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