Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Portrait

Well, after 5 posts by Michael, I decided it was time. Life has been busy as usual. School is going well and I'm smack in the middle of mid-terms, but I'm still alive and I get three days off starting on Wednesday (I can't even begin to describe how excited I am!). Ryan has been doing and saying all kinds of funny things lately, so I'm glad Michael has been blogging about them. Yesterday was Michael's 26th birthday, and I decided to frame some portraits for his office, so I did some secret fall portraits of Ryan. This is my favorite:

Also, Ryan got another cousin last week! Michael's sister AnnaMarie and her husband Tyler had their first baby, Katie, on Tuesday. Here she is:

What a cutie! She was born right on her due date and only took 4 hours to get here! Way to go AnnaMarie!

So, things are going fine here and we'll find out what number 2 is in just a couple of weeks, so we're very excited! Hope everyone is doing well. Way to go on your beautiful new boy, Angela, and Caity, way to go on the Crucible, that sounds like so much fun! And everyone else who has done cool and excited things lately, congratulations!

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Kelly said...

Oh, those turned out so, so, so great. What a big boy he is! And the chicken story is my favorite. What a gorgeous niece you have -- and I really do have bow envy!