Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chocolate Pocket

This morning when Ryan woke up, he had some demands.

"Want Water."
- "You want water?"
"Yeah, Want milk."
- "You want milk?"
"Yeah want cereal."
- "You want cereal?"
"Yeah, want brown cereal."
- "You want brown cereal?"
"Yeah, want toast."

A cup of milk, a bowl of brown cereal (aka generic chocolate ball cereal) and a slice of banana break later he was ready to start eating.

He's still pretty sleepy, so I'm not suprised to see him stretching as he starts to eat. And again. And again. And a "cereal pocket".

Note that he doesn't have pockets on his PJs.

Also note that he'd been stretching his arm behind his head.

That's right, he'd been stuffing chocolate ball cereal down the back of his neck to save for later.


breckster said...

Reuben isn't as sneaky as that, he will just drop them down the front. Let me tell you, raisins are really hard to get out of the feet of footie pjs, if you didn't notice a little boy saving for later.

Ryan sounds crazy cute!

Sharesa Larsen said...

I can't help but laugh! He is sooo cute!

ThePalmers said...

I have been loving reading your posts Michael! Keep 'um coming!

The Jones :) said...

Hey Michael...this is Becki (Klous) Jones...your little boy sounds so fun and adorable!! Mine just turned 1 so I guess these are the things we have to look forward to!! Congrats on #2!!! Check out my blog if you'd like...
Cute posts!!!
-Becki :)