Saturday, October 20, 2007

And it came to pass

A few weeks ago we gave Ryan a soft cover cheapo Book of Mormon to help him be involved in reading scriptures without destroying ours. It gets him excited to read scriptures, and keeps him busy while Caroline and I are trying to read.

He usually just does this routine where he gets me my Book of Mormon, gets his, then flips pages like crazy for a while, looks at the pictures for a second or two, then puts it back. At this point, he will notice that I'm still reading, and declare loudly "READ SCRIPTURES". A mad scramble across the bed ensues, followed by a repeat of the above routine.

Tonight Caroline was with her dad for the BYU football game, so Ryan and I sat down to read scriptures just the two of us. Tonight as he started through his first page flipping routine he in an almost sing-song voice "And it came to pass. And it came to pass. And it came to pass." over and over again about 10 or so times.

After he decided that it had finally come to pass, he continued reading in his imaginary verse "Nephites Nephites Nephites and it came to pass".

It's almost like he's listening to us.


Caity said...

Sounds like he IS listening to you! That's great! He has an awesome vocab. too! Holy cow!

Sharesa Larsen said...

You guys are such great examples to him and to the rest of us!