Monday, October 29, 2007

A Small Victory!

I just wanted to share a small victory I had today. I have not done too much homework and studying this semester (ok, it's a lot, but not nearly as much as everybody else is doing--I do maybe 1 hr a day, my classmates do like 5) so naturally I was pretty worried about my midterms, especially Supply Chain Operations and Finance, which I just plain don't get. BUT, I got an 86% on my supply chain midterm (well above the class average!) and even more impressive...


I really really expected to fall flat on my face on these tests and be at the very bottom of the class curve, so this was absolutely fantastic news! So, for all of you really smart people out there who scoff at an A-, just pretend that this is really really cool! Just thought I'd share. I feel happy!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Petting Zoo and Some Funny Stories....

Well, since I'm off of school for three days, Ryan and I have been living it up. Today we went to the petting zoo with some friends from our ward and we had a great time. In his tradition of saying ridiculously funny things, Ryan gave me a good laugh while we were looking at the chickens. I asked Ryan what a chicken says and he said "bock bock bock". Then I said, "Ryan, can you say hi to the chickens?" And Ryan said, "Hi, chickens!" Then out of nowhere he starts saying, "Eat you, chickens! Eat you!" (we've had chicken for lunch two days in a row). It was hilarious! If there hadn't been a fence there I think he just might have gone over and taken a bite! In other less-petting-zoo-related funny stories, Ryan was playing with my car keys in combination with this antique typewriter we have and kept getting the keys stuck on different parts of the type writer. He would complain and yell for me to help him, but I was busy so I told him to try wiggling the keys. So, he dropped the keys, took a step back and just started wiggling all over. What a nut! Equally funny was the way he looked up at me while he was wiggling with this look that seemed to say, "Look, I'm doing it, and it's not helping at all!" He's a laugh a minute. Anyways, here are some petting zoo pictures for your enjoyment.

Here's Ryan with the chickens...

Smiling by some pumpkins...

Smiling on some pumpkins...

Breaking into the horse corral...

And here he is in jail...

And riding on a pony!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Portrait

Well, after 5 posts by Michael, I decided it was time. Life has been busy as usual. School is going well and I'm smack in the middle of mid-terms, but I'm still alive and I get three days off starting on Wednesday (I can't even begin to describe how excited I am!). Ryan has been doing and saying all kinds of funny things lately, so I'm glad Michael has been blogging about them. Yesterday was Michael's 26th birthday, and I decided to frame some portraits for his office, so I did some secret fall portraits of Ryan. This is my favorite:

Also, Ryan got another cousin last week! Michael's sister AnnaMarie and her husband Tyler had their first baby, Katie, on Tuesday. Here she is:

What a cutie! She was born right on her due date and only took 4 hours to get here! Way to go AnnaMarie!

So, things are going fine here and we'll find out what number 2 is in just a couple of weeks, so we're very excited! Hope everyone is doing well. Way to go on your beautiful new boy, Angela, and Caity, way to go on the Crucible, that sounds like so much fun! And everyone else who has done cool and excited things lately, congratulations!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

And it came to pass

A few weeks ago we gave Ryan a soft cover cheapo Book of Mormon to help him be involved in reading scriptures without destroying ours. It gets him excited to read scriptures, and keeps him busy while Caroline and I are trying to read.

He usually just does this routine where he gets me my Book of Mormon, gets his, then flips pages like crazy for a while, looks at the pictures for a second or two, then puts it back. At this point, he will notice that I'm still reading, and declare loudly "READ SCRIPTURES". A mad scramble across the bed ensues, followed by a repeat of the above routine.

Tonight Caroline was with her dad for the BYU football game, so Ryan and I sat down to read scriptures just the two of us. Tonight as he started through his first page flipping routine he in an almost sing-song voice "And it came to pass. And it came to pass. And it came to pass." over and over again about 10 or so times.

After he decided that it had finally come to pass, he continued reading in his imaginary verse "Nephites Nephites Nephites and it came to pass".

It's almost like he's listening to us.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chocolate Pocket

This morning when Ryan woke up, he had some demands.

"Want Water."
- "You want water?"
"Yeah, Want milk."
- "You want milk?"
"Yeah want cereal."
- "You want cereal?"
"Yeah, want brown cereal."
- "You want brown cereal?"
"Yeah, want toast."

A cup of milk, a bowl of brown cereal (aka generic chocolate ball cereal) and a slice of banana break later he was ready to start eating.

He's still pretty sleepy, so I'm not suprised to see him stretching as he starts to eat. And again. And again. And a "cereal pocket".

Note that he doesn't have pockets on his PJs.

Also note that he'd been stretching his arm behind his head.

That's right, he'd been stuffing chocolate ball cereal down the back of his neck to save for later.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ryan drive. Ok?

Driving us crazy?

The last several days Ryan has started practicing for when he's a teenager. As soon as I strap him into his car seat he'll ask to drive. It has come out like so:

  • Ryan drive. Ok?
  • Want drive.
  • Ryan drive, please?
At least he's still still asking and not just sneaking off with the keys.

Today after his first time saying "Ryan drive. Ok?" I looked back at him. As he looked at me expectantly, he repeated "Ryan drive", but this time pointing at himself, just in case I didn't know who Ryan was.

"You want to drive?" I asked, trying to clarify the situation.

He was quiet for a minute and then said "Daddy drive". And that was that.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tagernagle and Prophets Singing

--Michael again :)

General Conference was last weekend, and Ryan learned a couple of things from it.

We watched Saturday sessions at the inlaws house and let Ryan run around and play in the living room. From time to time we would stop him and tell him "That's the prophet speaking" or "That's an apostle speaking". It didn't really seem like he was listening, but that was OK because he's only 19 months.

Sunday we watched it online on our computer. Every time Ryan would wander over by the computer he would say 'Prophet' when he saw someone speaking -- no matter who it was. (We tried to tell him, 'no, that one isn't a prophet'...but he didn't get it).

We decided to have him listen to the last few minutes of Presiden Hinkley's closing remarks. He was in a pretty good mood and didn't mind sitting there with us. We explained that it was the Prophet speaking. He said 'Prophet'. So far so good.

Then came the tabernacle choir. "Singing" he said as they started. He proceeded to wave his arms around like the conductor.

We said "Do you hear the tablernacle choir singing?".


"Yes, Tabernacle"

Part way through the song, they panned across the mens section of the choir. Ryan became visibly excited and exclaimed "Prophets singing!".

This whole week he's been asking for "Tagernagle" and "Prophets singing". So we play him videos from Youtube of President Hinkley speaking and the Tabernacle Choir singing.

Usually he'll just watch for a minute or two and say "tagernagle" or "prophet", but yesterday he was feeling silly. In the middle of the song, he says "poke singing!" and starts poking the computer screen.

What a nut.

Squelch and other stories

I'm the one writing this. -- Michael


Ryan was up much too late. We were on our way home from an evening with some friends and Ryan was giving all the classic signs of a grumpy baby. As we turned out of the parking lot, the tires made a sound squeeking*squelch* sound.

I said to Caroline in a joking voice "You made the tires squelch!". A few moments latter Ryan started laughing and said in a loud voice "SQUELCH!".

I said "What's so funny Ryan? Do you think it's funny when we say 'Squelch'?". He broke down in hysterics. Caroline and I couldn't resist

squelch Squelch SQUELCH SQUELCH!

He was laughing so hard he could barely breathe. Every time he'd start to calm down, Caroline and I would say squelch again and again and he's just laugh and laugh like a maniac.

After about 10 or so minutes it didn't make him laugh as much and as he gained composure, it was his turn to be the funny one.

"ummm... SQUELCH!" he yelled.

We laughed.

*Squelch* he said in a high girly voice.

Now we were laughing at him.

His squelching continued till we got him into bed, and periodically the next day. 'Squelch' will still make him smile, but it's not as funny as it was before. :-)