Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wall mural! Who knew?

So, I know last time I said there would be more family pictures to come, but there are so many that I just can't bring myself to got through them all right now. So instead, I thought I'd post some pictures of the wall mural I did!

Although I am an artist in the photographic sense of the word, that's pretty much it for me. No other art skills whatsoever. But my mom wanted scenes from her favorite children's book painted on the walls of the playroom in their new house, and I was up for a challenge, so I volunteered to do it.

It was so much fun! I think it turned out pretty well, for me anyways. If any of you have read "Three is Company", then you will understand why this mural involves a fish, a bird and a pig hanging out and doing all kinds of crazy things. If you haven't read it, like most people who see the room, you will probably think "Wow. This is wierd." But anyways, I like the way it turned out, so here are some pictures of it!

Anyways, I had a lot of fun and my mom loved it too, so it was a success!


Caity/Pam said...

Bravo, truly beautiful! I will go to the library and find the book to read! But seriously, impressive.

Caity said...

Wrong sign-in, sorry.

bethany said...

This is awesome Caroline-what talent!

Caity said...

Caroline, I miss your blog! What's new chica?

ThePalmers said...

Hi Caroline,

I miss you. How is your MBA going? AnnaMarie told me that Ryan is one of the smartest kids she has ever seen. I wish I were there to agree! Well, good luck with school. Love ya!