Thursday, July 19, 2007

Not your average oil change

Before I dive in, aren't we all glad that Michael has now officially contributed to the blog? (If you couldn't tell, that last entry was his).

Anyways, yesterday I took my car to have the oil changed, but I had much more fun than I usually do! So, Michael and I bought a brand new mini-van in September and along with the purchase we got a couple of coupons for free oil changes at the dealership in Draper. Subsequently we totalled the van over Christmas break on the freeway going 75 mph (if you haven't already heard this story then you probably haven't talked to me in the last 6 months! But you can always inquire for more details) and we still have one of the free oil changes. So since it takes like an hour and a half to get my oil changed there, Sharesa and Sarah Larsen were kind enough to come with Ryan and I and keep us company.

Not only did we get to listen to our long lost CD's from freshman year all the way up, but once we got there, we decided that we were hungry and that we didn't want to wait around for an hour and a half. So, we decided to pose as interested would-be car buyers and took a brand new fully loaded Chrysler Sebring for a test drive out to Cafe Rio (let's all just be thankful that Ryan didn't dump a sippy cup of milk all over the lovely leather interior). We thought briefly about taking a cooler car for a test drive, but mostly just wanted to get out of there before the salesman asked any more questions, so we decided to be "interested" in the closest car we could find.

Anyways, Cafe Rio was delicious as always, our kids weren't as crabby as they could have been (way to look on the bright side, right?), we returned the car without a scratch and when we got back, my car was ready and waiting for us. Suffice it to say, I had much more fun during this oil change than the last one (why is the TV always stuck on Divorce Court in those crummy wait-while-you-car-gets-fixed places?). So, thanks for coming with me Sharesa! You're the best!


bethany said...

That was a great idea! I should be more creative when getting my oil changes-too bad we don't have a Cafe Rio closer :( I tagged you on my blog!

Angela S said...

So funny! You guys are great; I'll definitely be taking tips on our next oil change!

Ernest said...

From Abbey:
Hey. You have a big family reunion and hike up to Timp Cave and don't even have photos of who got picked to carry Ryan!
What's up with that?