Monday, July 2, 2007

Camping Trip!

Last weekend we went camping with some friends of ours, Dan and Amber Aird and a few others, up by Jordanelle Reservoir near Heber. We had a great time! We got up there on Friday afternoon and set up camp. Ryan was once again obsessed with the rocks, sticks and water, so he was definitely having a great time.

Michael and Dan went fishing a few times while we were there but never caught anything and only had one or two bites the whole time. That's like the 5th time in a row Michael has gone fishing and hasn't even gotten a bite (Dan got all the bites this time). Poor Michael. But just like the last time we didn't get anything when we went fishing, I am just as glad to not have my kitchen smelling like fish!

Amber and I took Ryan wading at the Reservoir and he had a great time picking up rocks and chucking them into the lake. They didn't go very far, but he thought it was a blast just the same. We had foil dinners and s'mores at night and had a roaring fire over which members of our group told bear attack stories of all things--NOT GOOD. I spent all night waking up at every little noise expecting a giant claw to come ripping through my tent wall at any moment. At one point a raccoon came snooping around our camp and I thought I was a goner. But I managed to poke Michael and make him look, and of course, no bear. So we survived the night. But I did wake up freezing at 4:30 at which point Michael re-kindled the fire and I spent the next few hours thawing in front of a nice warm fire.

We spent the morning relaxing and Michael and Dan did some more fishing. We had a great time, but had to head back home around noon so Michael and I could make it back for a charity event we volunteered to photograph. But we did have time to stop at Granny's in Heber for malts--oh so good!

Here are some pictures of our adventure:

Ryan "fishing" with no water in sight

Near our campsite with Jordanelle Reservoir behind us

Ryan wading

Ryan and mom having fun

What a ham!

A beautiful view from the trail to our campsite

Ryan being very excited about the tent poles

This one is actually from our charity event that night--Ryan
is checking out the back of a fire truck.


bethany said...

I'm afraid to take Jak camping-you're brave. I'm too afraid that he won't sleep at all during the night without his crib!

Alison said...

Hey Caroline! I am so glad to hear from you and catch up on your blog. I am addicted to blogging too!! Ryan is so big! When I see you all out fishing and camping I really miss Utah! We will be back the middle of August for Mike's last semester. Are you all still in the ward? We still don't have a place to live, but we really haven't looked. I will have to get in touch with you when the baby is born to do pictures. All the pictures on your blog are so good. We also will need a family picture after I loose the pregnancy weight that is:)