Sunday, July 8, 2007

4th of July and a Trip to the Park

Well, 4th of July was a pretty fun day for our family. Michael went fishing at Tibble Fork with my Dad and finally broke his no-fish-catching streak. I think my dad caught like 10 or 12 and Michael caught one! But he did catch one, and that's the point. Here are some pictures of Ryan getting cozy with said fish:

(and yes, in case you're wondering, I did find this more than a little disgusting)

I spent the morning doing family pictures up in Salt Lake for Creed and Sharesa and Sarah Larsen and Sharesa's cousin John kept an eye on Ryan for me while we did pictures. It was really really fun, and we got home right as Michael and Dad were getting back from fishing. So we ordered Papa John's for lunch and had a great time. Speaking of having a great time, here's a picture of Ryan doing one of his favorite new tricks:

Yes folks, that's right, he is standing on one leg. He thinks this is very impressive. Anyways, later in the evening we went to an empty lot right on the bench in Orem and had a great view of the Stadium of Fire fireworks. I thought for sure that Ryan would be at least a little scared of them, but as soon as they started, he just kept pointing and clapping and saying "Pooty" (pretty) and "Nasssss" (nice). It was pretty funny, and he loved watching the whole show.

Watching the fireworks with Grandpa Walton

On Friday we took a little outing to the park across the street from our house. We tried to get Ryan interested in throwing and catching the ball with us, but he definitely was way more captivated by the waterpark on the other side of the park. But we had lots of fun playing with our ball and mits and playing on the playground. Here are a few pics:

Hope everybody else had great 4th of July too!

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