Monday, June 11, 2007

Puddle Jumping and a Visit to Aunt Danica's

Ok, so I am actually combining two posts in one...because I'm lazy. Last week it was actually pretty cold and rainy here in Provo, which meant Ryan got to wear his Green Bay Packers sweatshirt once more before he grows out of it AND he got to jump in a big puddle on our driveway. Michael and I were just standing there saying how cute he was jumping in those puddles and then I just had to run grab the camera (and video camera--we did double coverage) and take some pictures.

Michael and Ryan enjoy the puddle together

And of course he has to get as much of himself wet as possible

Just in case you missed the big puddle he's standing in...THERE IT IS!

I like this picture because of his reflection in the puddle

Looking very innocent

And now for the second part of the post...

At the end of May, Ryan and I got to go with my Mom to visit my sister Danica in Asheville, North Carolina. We had so much fun! We played cards, went shopping, went to see Pirates of the Caribbean (my mom and I each only saw half due to the ridiculously loud toddler in tow), and we went for a little Memorial Day picnic by Lake Julian. Here are some pictures of our picnic:

He really likes juice boxes.

In front of Lake Julian

Taking a walk with Aunt Danica

All smiles

Ryan absolutely adores Danica. He likes pretty much everybody, but not like this. He kept patting her arm and saying her name over and over and over again. He always wanted her to hold him and every night when she would go home and we would go to our hotel, he would cry like there was just no tomorrow. It was pretty cute, except for all the crying. Anyways, now every time we go to my parents' house and he sees her picture on the wall, he goes nuts. So watch out Grandpa, you've got competition.

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